Probably the most crucial resource in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor is Armorite Ore. The rare item is used to learn new moves from the tutor or it can be exchanged for Watts. And as you may know, Watts are used to upgrading your Dojo in the Isle of Armor. In this guide, we will explain how to farm Armorite Ore, where you can find this rare item, and more.


Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor Armorite Ore Farming – Where to Find

In addition to learning new moves or exchanging Armorite Ore for Watts, you can also use this rare resource to reset EVs in Sword and Shield. Armorite Ore can only be found in the Isle of Armor expansion. But how and where to find Armorite Ore is the question?

You can find Armorite Ore as shiny items on the Isle of Armor wild areas. One of the ways to get the Armorite Ore is to progress in the main story. You can get five Armorite Ore by progressing in the main story.

Going through the Max Raid Battles also gets you, Armorite Ore, as a reward. To increase your chances of getting this rare resource do the Zeraora Raid Battles which are available until the end of this month, June 28.


Look for the two NPCs known as Digging Ma and Digging Pa in the Isle of Armor. You can speak with Digging Pa to exchange Armorite Ore for Watts. But speaking with Digging Ma allows you to exchange Armorite Ore for her digging services. There is a chance that she can dig more Armorite Ore for you in Sword and Shield which is one of the farming techniques, however, it is risky as you may not find anything at all. These are all the ways you can find Armorite Ore Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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