Pokemon Sword And Shield Hawlucha Guide: Locations, Evolution, Strengths, Weakness

Pokemon Sword And Shield Hawlucha

Hawlucha is one of the rare Pokémons in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Hawlucha is one of the few Pokémons which doesn’t have any evolution states. Nevertheless, it has really good stats and good abilities. In this guide, we will include all the details on how to locate Hawlucha and other details about it in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Hawlucha Guide

The following is what you need to know about Hawlucha in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

Location, Strengths and Weaknesses

Hawlucha is a Flying and Fighting type Pokémon in the game. It is strong against Dark, Bug, Grass and Ground type Pokemon. Meanwhile, it is weak against Electric, Psychic, Flying, Ice and Fairy type Pokémons. Hawlucha can only be found in Non-Overworld.

There are two locations where you can find Hawlucha. The first is Hammerlocke Hills where there is a 5% chance of it spawning. The second place Route 6 where there are 2% of it spawning. This short Pokemon will definitely appear once you explore the areas thoroughly. Hawlucha has 78 HP, 92 Attack and 74 Special Attack. It has 75 Defense, 63 Special Defence and 118 Speed.


Hawlucha has three abilities which can be made useful in many situations:

  • Unburden – Once this item has been consumed your speed is doubled.
  • Limber – This ability allows Hawlucha to prevent itself from getting paralyzed.
  • Mold Breaker – This ability prevents enemies abilities to affect your Pokémon’s attacks.

As I mentioned above Hawlucha doesn’t have any evolutions and neither it is an evolved state of another Pokémon.

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