Pokemon Sword And Shield Hatenna Guide: Locations, Evolution

Pokemon Sword And Shield Hatenna

Hatenna isn’t much of a very special Pokémon but because of some of its abilities it can use in many situations. Hatenna has basic stats but is generally easier to find than other Pokémons. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Hatenna guide will include all the details about its location, stats and moves, etc.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Hatenna

Hatenna is a Psychic Type Pokemon which can use healing abilities. It is weak against Dark, Ghost and Bug Type Pokemon. Hatenna has very basic stats and can be found in Hammerlocke Hills. In Overworld it can be found in Stony Wilderness or Motostoke. You will just have to approach it and battle with it to acquire it. Given it’s weak stats it wouldn’t be a tough fight but still don’t let your guard down.

Hatenna is the first form in its evolution chain. After catching it you can level it up to Level 32 to evolve it into Hattrem. After that level, it up to Level 42 to evolve it to Hatterene.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Hatenna


Stats and Abilities

Hatenna has 42 HP, Attack is 45, Special Attack is 56. It has 45 Defense, Special Defense is 53 and Speed is 39. Hatenna doesn’t have good stats I know but it shines in abilities. It is a healer type of Pokémon that has the ability to heal other Pokémons. One of its abilities is Anticipation where it can sense some specific attacks by the enemy. It can also use Magic Bounce which reflects the status and changing moves.


Level     Moves  Type  Power Acc. PP
Base Confusion Psychic Image     50 100 25
Base Play Nice Normal Image       –     – 20
5 Life Dew Water Image
10 Disarming Voice Fairy Image     40    – 15
15 Aromatherapy Grass Image     –    – 5
20 Psybeam Psychic Image   65   100 20
25 Heal Pulse Psychic Image    –    – 10
30 Dazzling Gleam Fairy Image   80 100 10
35 Calm Mind Psychic Image    –     – 20
40 Psychic Psychic Image   90  100 10
45 Healing Wish Psychic Image     –    – 10

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