Our Pokemon Sword And Shield Guide will help players with how to get Happiny in the Isle of Armor DLC.

How To Get Happiny

Acquiring Happiny in Pokemon Sword And Shield can be a bit of work. Acquiring this Pokemon isn’t difficult but takes time. Here is how to get Happiny.

There are two ways through which players can get Happiny. One is breeding the other is a random encounter in the wild. Given that the latter depends on chance, let’s see how you can get this particular Pokemon through breeding.

First, catch a Chansey, they spawn in the Wild Area of the Isle of Armor. After you have caught it, go to the market area in the Hulbury. Buy Luck Incense and give it to Chansey.

Bring Chansey and a Ditto to a Day Care. Have Chansey hold the Luck Incense. Eventually, Chansey will lay an egg that will hatch into a Happiny. To hatch the egg, bike around in circles as players would do for any normal egg. To reduce the hatching time by half, players need to add a Pokemon with a flaming body.

As for encountering Happiny in the wild, this particular Pokemon only appears in the wild area. While moving through the grass, players will sometime see an exclamation mark on the map.

However, the Pokemon will run away rustling the grass in its way. Follow it and run into the Pokemon. If you are lucky, this Pokemon will be Happiny. Catch it as you would any other Pokemon in the game.

That is all for our Pokemon Sword And Shield Guide on how to get Happiny. For more on the game, also see our Porygon Guide and How To Get Black Glasses.

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