Galarian Ponyta is a rare Pokemon type in Sword and Shield. It’s evolved form is Galarian Rapidash. Both of the Pokemon types can be found in the Galarian Region of course. The Pokemon looks a lot like a unicorn and has all the features like horn and tail and its hair color is mixed you get the rest. Our Pokemon Sword And Shield Galarian Ponyta Guide will include all the details on Galarian Ponyta and Galarian Rapidash like how to get them and how to evolve Ponyta into Rapidash.


Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Ponyta

Galarian type Pokemon are the rarest Pokemon in Sword and Shield. Galarian Ponyta is one of them and is difficult to get as they are easily spooked and run away. But, that’s not the reason why they are rare, Galarian Ponyta requires some serious effort on players part before they can be spotted and caught. In this guide, we will help players with how and where they can find Galarian Ponyta Pokemon and how they can evolve it into Rapidash.

Where To Find Galarian Ponyta

The Galarian Ponyta is located in the tall grass field in Glimmwood Tangle. Even though from my words you might think it is easy to find the Pokemon but it’s not. The Galarian Ponyta hides in the grass here so you can’t spot it from afar and if you go rushing in the field trying to cover more area you still won’t spot them. That is because if you approach it by running in the field it will get spooked and run away.

Before I said that this Pokemon is rare but you may ask how so? Well, a unique trait that this Pokemon has is that it is a Psychic Type Pokemon. This Pokemon is strong against Fighting Type Pokemons and fellow Psychic Type Pokemons. The Pokemon is weak against Dark, Bug, and Ghost Type Pokemon. Galarian Ponyta has 50 HP, 65 SP Attack, and Attack is 85. The Pokemon has 65 SP Defense and 55 Defence and Speed is 90.

Evolve Galarian Ponyta Into Galarian Rapidash

The Galarian Rapidash doesn’t have any location and it can only be acquired through the evolution of Galarian Ponyta. Once your Galarian Ponyta reaches level 38 it can be evolved to the next state. The Galarian Rapidash is a Psychic and Fairy Type Pokemon. It is strong against Flying, Dark, Dragon, and fellow Psychic type Pokemons. It is weak against Steel, Ghost, and Poison-type Pokemon. The Galarian Rapidash has 65 HP, 80 SP Attack, and Attack is 100. It has 70 SP Defense, 80 Defense and Speed is 105.

That is all for our Pokemon Sword And Shield Galarian Ponyta Guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield  Gym leaders,  and how to get Shiny Pokemon.