Pokemon Sword And Shield Flygon Guide: Location, Evolution

Pokemon Sword And Shield Flygon Guide: Location, Evolution

Flygon is a rare Pokemon which is very hard to find inside Pokémon Sword and Shield. Flygon is the final evolved form of Trapinch. Even though it is hard to find you can still acquire it by evolving Trapinch. Flygon has a lot of awesome abilities that can be used in most situations. This guide will include all the details about the Pokémon’s stats, strengths and weaknesses, location and much more.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Flygon

Flygon is a Dragon and Ground Type Pokémon. It is the last evolved form of Trapinch. Once Trapinch reaches Level 35 it will evolve into Vibrava. Then when it reaches Level 45 it will evolve into Flygon. There are two ways of acquiring the rare Pokémon Flygon.

First is to evolve Trapinch into Flygon or the other way is to find it roaming in Dusty Bowl. Even though finding it sounds easy it isn’t. There is a very low chance of it spawning so we recommend you find Trapinch and evolve it.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Flygon Guide: Location, Evolution

Stats and Abilities

Flygon has 80 HP, 100 Attack and 80 Special Attack. It has 80 Defense, 80 Special Defense and 100 Speed. As stated above it has very high attack and speed which makes it a very powerful Pokémon. Aside from it also has very good abilities which work in many situations.

One of its abilities allows it to create a sand shield around it to protect itself. Its passive ability is that it can levitate which prevents it from taking ground attacks which can damage it or trap it. It can also create a huge sandstorm which does some damage. It also has an ability that allows it to protect its eyes from sand thus preventing temporary blindness.

Flygon is strong against Electric, Fire, Poison and Rock Pokémon. Its weaknesses are Ice, Fairy and Dragon-Type Pokémon.

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