Pokemon Sword and Shield Egg Hatching Guide: How To Hatch Eggs Faster

Pokemon Sword and Shield Egg Hatching

In Pokémon Sword and Shield you can hatch eggs faster in the breeding process. In the previous games in the franchise, you had to run around a lot for your eggs to hatch faster and properly. The same is not the case with Pokémon Sword and Shield. In this game, the process of hatching eggs has been made faster through some ways. In this egg hatching guide, we will discuss all the details on how to hatch eggs faster in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Hatching Eggs Faster In Pokemon Sword And Shield

You can hatch eggs fast pretty easily but you will need something before that. You will need any Pokémon which has the potential to use the Flame Body ability. Pokémons like Carol and Coalossal have this ability. The ability basically warms the Pokémon in your inventory so that it’s growth increases. First off you will need Rolycoly which can be evolved to Carol and further evolved to Coalossal.

This Pokémon can be found in areas like Giant’s Cap, Bridge Field, Galar Mind and Stony Wilderness. Once you acquired and evolved the Pokémon you can go to the hatching phase. In addition to this, you can also increase the speed of this process going to the Watt Trader after collecting enough Watts. This will enable you to get the ability to boost the egg hatching time more often.

Hatching Process

Now that you have acquired the Flame Body ability you can start hatching the egg fast by using the ability. Open up your inventory and remove basically everything except your Flame Body ability Pokémon and the egg that needs to be hatched. Now you can hatch the eggs in two ways, both are simple and easy to do. The thing that is vital in the hatching of the egg is you moving. Your trainer must move around for 3-4 minutes and the egg will hatch.

The first way includes you going to the Nursery situated on Route 5. You need to go up and down the place for a maximum of 5 minutes and the egg will hatch. The second way can be done anywhere just open options and go to the Vertical and Horizontal Camera controls. Put the controls on Regular Settings and exit the options. Now just move both joysticks for 3-5 minutes so that the trainer moves in a circle and the egg will hatch soon.

I personally recommend the second way to hatch the egg because changing the controls and moving the joysticks is a pain. The only problem with it is going to the Nursery. Fortunately, I was on Route 5 at the time when I got to know about this method and it could really have helped me by saving time.

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