Duraludon is a very rare Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield. It has extremely good stats and great abilities as well. Finding it is really hard as it has a low chance of spawning. In this guide we will include all the details on the locations of Duraludon, it’s stats, abilities and much more in Pokémon Sword and Shield.


Pokémon Sword and Shield Duraludon

Duraludon can be found in the Overworld as well as Non-Overworld areas. In Overworld, it can be found in Route 10 in raining, snowstorm, heavy fog weathers. There is a 1% chance that it will spawn. In Non-Overworld it can be found in Lake of Outrage in snowstorm weather. There is a 2% chance that it will spawn during Level 50-52.

Stats and Abilities

Duraludon has 70 HP, 95 Attack and 120 Special Attack. It has 115 Defense, 50 Special Defense and Speed is 85. It also has very good abilities such as Light Metal which halves the Pokémon’s weight. Stalwart which prevents effects from abilities and moves from enemies. It also has Heavy Metal which doubles its penetration.

Unfortunately, Duraludon doesn’t have any evolution form. It is the only form in its evolutionary chain. Not that it needs an evolution with those overpowered stats. Duraludon is strong against Flying and Water Type Pokémons. Moreover, it is very weak against Ground Type Pokémons.

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