One of the most well-known Pokémons in Pokémon history. Charmander has been in the Pokémon series since almost the start. Charmander has made its appearance in almost all of the games in the industry. So is the case with Pokemon Sword and Shield. In this guide, we will include all the details about how to obtain Charmander and Dynamax Charizard in Pokémon Sword And Shield.


Pokémon Sword and Shield Charmander

Charmander isn’t one of those Pokémons which has a chance to spawn in a certain place and weather. For Charmander, you will have to defeat all of the 8 gym leaders in any game and for this, you will achieve the “Pokémon Champion” status.

This will complete the game and after that, you will have return to your house. Exit and go down the hill to Hop’s house. Once inside head to Leon’s room to find a Pokémon lying on the floor containing Charmander.

Dynamax Charizard

Obtaining Dynamax Charizard is no easy task. First, you will need to do the above which is to obtain Charmander. After that, you will need to evolve it to Charmeleon. After that evolve it to Charizard which will unlock it’s Dynamax version as well. The Dynamax version of Char Izard is very strong and can be deadly in fights.

That is all for our Pokémon Sword And Shield Charmander Guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our other guides including the ones on Lapras, Snorunt and Bounsweet.