Our Pokemon Sword And Shield guide will help players with how to get the Alolan Marowak in the Isle of Armor expansion.


How to Get Alolan Marowak

There are a few ways through which players can get Alolan Marowak. The first method is simple. If the player is a member of Pokemon Home and owns Pokemon Sun and Moon then, Alolan Marowak can just simply be transferred from Sun and Moon to Sword And Shield.

If not, then before the player crosses the first bridge to the dojo, there is a hiker. Speak to him and he’ll ask you to find 150 of his Alolan Digletts scattered around in the Isle of Armor.

For every 5-10 Digletts players find, the hiker will award them an Alolan Pokemon. To get the Alolan Marowak, players need to find 50 Digletts. They are a lot of them scattered around the world, so they won’t that difficult to find. You can check our Diglett Locations Guide to fast forward the process.

Of course, players can also trade for this Pokemon. Also, if players already have an Alolan Marowak and want more then, they can breed it. It’ll give players a Cubone which will evolve into an Alolan Marowak.

That is all for our Pokemon Sword And Shield Isle of Armor guide with tips on how to get an Alolan Marowak. For more on the game, also see our How to Get Igglybuff and How To Get EXP Charm guides.