There are a total of 8 Yellow Stakes that you can get in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet. Just like other colored Stakes, you can collect them all to open up a Shrine containing a Legendary Pokemon, Chien-Pao in case of Yellow Stakes. It’s a good idea to have the ‘Climmb’ ability unlocked before attempting this as some of the Yellow Stakes are located in fairly inaccessible areas. In this Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet guide, we’ve shared the locations of all 8 Yellow Stakes to battle Chien-Pao.

Yellow Stake #1
You need to head over to Cascarrafa and look for it near the large tree on the backside of the Gym.

Yellow Stake #2
The second one is located near the south of Cascarrafa. You need to travel to the Watchtower and search for it on the east side.

Yellow Stake #3
From the previous one, you need to continue east toward The Great Crater of Paldea and the Yellow Stake should be between 2 mountains.

Yellow Stake #4
A little toward the south-east edge of Alfornada, you’ll find this one on a ledge near a waterfall.

Yellow Stake #5
This one is located on the north side of the Leaking Tower of Paldea. You can also get there from Alfornada.

Yellow Stake #6
For this one, you’ll need to head inside a tunnel / cave near the previous Yellow Stake. You’ll get this one inside this tunnel / cave.

Yellow Stake #7
This one is located on a ledge overlooking Cortondo. There should also be a Pokemon Centre nearby.

Yellow Stake #8
There is a large hole near the previous Yellow Stake with the last one inside.

After acquiring all 8 Yellow Stakes in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet, you’ll need to head over to the Ice Rend Shrine that’s located directly above West Paldea Sea on the mini-mamp. Inside this Ice Rend Shrine, you’ll encounter Chien-Pao, a Legendary Pokemon. If you’re interested in collecting other Stakes, you can see our other guides:

These are the locations of all the Yellow Stakes in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet. You can head over to our Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet wiki page for more tips and strategies.

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