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How to Unlock Surf in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet


The region of Paldea in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet is vast. More often than not, you’ll need to rely on Miraidon/Koradon to roam around different locations. Some areas in the game, however, cannot be accessed even with Miraidon/Koradon unless you unlock abilities such as Surf, Glide, etc. In this Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet guide, we’ve detailed all there is to know about unlocking Surf in the game.

As the name summests, Surf gives Miraidon/Koradon the ability to move on the water. Once unlocked, this should allow you to access otherwise inaccessible areas that may contain hidden items, Pokemon, etc.

In order to unlock Surf in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet, you need to travel to the WPA1 Central PokeCentre that is located in West Province. Once you get there, you’ll need to continue up the mountain unless you come across Bombirdier, the Open Sky Titan. You essentially need to defeat this Open Sky Titan in order to unlock the ability to Surf (Miraidon/Koradon) on watery surfaces in the game.

This is all we’ve got in how to Surf in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet. You can also check out our detailed Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet wiki page for more tips and strategies.

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