Spiritomb is a Ghost/Dark-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation IV. It’s considered the Forbidden Pokemon because it has unique moves and access to different types of moves, like Psychic, Dark, and Ghost. Attacks such as Shadow Sneak, Ominous Wind, and Shadow Ball are Spiritomb’s most popular strengths. In short, Spiritomb is a powerful fighter that can hold its own against opponents. What many people don’t know is that Spiritomb is made up of 108 spirits, which earns it the 108th entry on Pokedex. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to get Spiritomb in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet.

Keep in mind that since Spiritomb is a Ghost/Dark-type Pokemon, its appearance won’t be too extravagant. It looks like a ghost with a purple body and green eyes, but it also has a stone attached to its body. Nevertheless, one thing I can guarantee is that you won’t forget this Pokémon anytime soon due to its unique look.

If you’re looking for a Spiritomb, go to Glaseado Mountain and head north. Make sure to bring sandwiches, as they increase the chances of spawning Ghost/Dark-type Pokemon. Since you’re hunting dark-type Pokemon, do your hunt at night. As I mentioned above, the Spiritomb is a rare Pokemon. This means that it’s possible you won’t catch it on your first try. Keep at it, and don’t give up until you catch the Spirtbomb Pokemon.

This is all we have got on how to catch Spiritomb in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our detailed Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet wiki page.

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