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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Languages Answers For Perfect Score


Despite the popularity of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, many players need help to dedicate time and energy to studying for language classes such as midterms and finals. After all, nobody likes to study in real life, so why should it be any different when playing a game?

Players may need help understanding the purpose of studying for an in-game class. After all, the rewards are not tangible; instead, they come from the satisfaction of mastering the material and challenging themselves. In particular, Mr. Salvatore’s language classes require extensive memorization and practice for players to progress. This is a daunting task for players who have grown accustomed to the immediate rewards games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offer.

Many Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players find themselves more interested in catching the Pokemon than attending classes at the Pokemon academy. This can lead to worry or anxiety when it comes time for language exams, as they may not have put in enough effort studying or committing facts to memory.

All Languages Class Answers

Class Question 1“All these words have the same meaning! Can you guess what it is?”“Thank you”
Class Question 2“Can anyone tell me what these words mean?”“Delicious”
Class Question 3“Does anyone know what these phrases mean?”“I love you”
Class Question 4“What emotion do you suppose Pikachu was trying to convey just now?”“Anger”
Class Question 5“What emotion do you suppose Pikachu was trying to convey just now?”“Sadness”
Class Question 6“What emotion do you suppose Pikachu was trying to convey just now?”“Happiness”

All Languages Midterm Answers

Midterm Question 1“Gracias, arigato, merci, and xiexie all share the same meaning. What is it?”“A: Thank you”
Midterm Question 2“Which of the following means ‘Delicious’?”“B: Delicieux”
Midterm Question 3“Which of these phrases doesn’t belong?”“D: Time to eat”
Midterm Question 4“When speaking with a person, what is the first step to smooth communication?”“A: Compliment them”
Midterm Question 5“What is your beloved teacher’s name?”“C: Salvatore”

All Languages Final Term Answers

Final Question 1“Which of the following means ‘Delicious’?”“B: Delicieux”
Final Question 2“What do these two foreign phrases mean? ‘Je t’aime! Ich liebe dich!’ ?”“B: I love you”
Final Question 3“Based on what you just heard, what emotion do you think Pikachu was expressing?”“B: Anger”
Final Question 4“Based on what you just heard, what emotion do you think Pikachu was expressing?”“A: Happiness”
Final Question 5““What is your beloved teacher’s name?”“D: Salvatore”

That’s all you need to know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Languages answers.  If you need more help with your classes, here are some guides you may like:

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