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Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet Green Stake Locations Guide


There are 8 Green Stakes that you can find in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet. Once found, these Green Stakes are used to open the Groundblight Shrine that holds the Legendary Pokemon, Ting-Lu. Similar to other Stakes in the game, you’ll need to have the ‘Climb’ ability unlocked in order to collect them without any issues. In this Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet guide, we’ve shared the locations of all 8 Green Stakes to battle Ting-Lu, a Level-60 Legendary Pokemon in the game.

Green Stake #1
From the Casseroya Watchtower No. 1, you need to cross the river to collect the first one.

Green Stake #2
After collecting the previous one, you need to jump into the large hole nearby and directly land on top of another Yellow Stake.

Green Stake #3
This one is located near the west side of the Casseroya Lake. You need to travel to the south of the waterfalls to get it.

Green Stake #4
This one can be found on the smaller island near the Titan island in the Casseroya Lake.

Green Stake #5
You need to head over to the Casseroya Lake (Islet) and head over to the east side to collect it.

Green Stake #6
This one is near the east side of the Casseroya Lake, at the edge of the snowy area.

Green Stake #7
You need to head east from the Socarrat Trail to find this one in a corner of the mountain.

Green Stake #8
The last one is near the north-west of the Casseroya Lake.

Once you’ve collected all 8 Green Stakes, you can travel to south of Socarrat Trail on the map to get to Legendary Pokemon, Ting-Lu. If you’re interested in collecting other Stakes, you can see our other guides:

These are the locations of all the Green Stakes in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet. You can head over to our Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet wiki page for more tips and strategies.

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