Finding Frigibax is very difficult in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet because, as it is written in the Pokédex, “Frigibax is very rarely seen”. Finding Frigibax on your own will be difficult, but with the help of our guide, soon you’ll be able to flex Frigibax to all your friends.

Where To Find Frigibax In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet players can find Frigibax in the Glaseado Mountains in the northern region of Paldea. Finding your way to the Glaseado Mountains will not be easy. On the way there, there will be several high-level Pokémons that you’ll need to fight or run away from.

Surviving through the high-level Pokémons is one thing but reaching the Glaseado Mountains is a difficult task in itself as the Glaseado Mountains are far away from your home in Cabo Poco. If finding Frigibax in the Glaseado Mountains seems a bit much for you, you can even find Frigibax at the following locations

  • Dalizapa Passage
  • East Province(Area Two)

If you still think finding Frigibax is difficult, fly to Medali to buy Escalivada from the Go-For-Broke-Grill, as this raises your chances of encountering dragon-type Pokémon to level 1.

How To Evolve Frigibax In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Players can evolve Frigibax into an Arctibax by leveling up their Frigibax to level 38. After you’re done using the Escalivada, you’ll probably be swarming with Frigibax on the Glaseado Mountains, so capture some of them and see which one is closer to evolution than the others.

Finding and evolving Frigibax on your own can be tricky as there is no guide in the game that will help you, but with the tips you gave you above, you’ll be able to use and flex Frigibax in no time. For more on the game, also see How to Get King’s Rock and How to Find and Use Razer Claw.

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