The new 9th Generation of Pokemon, Scarlet and Violet, presents a wide variety of secret areas known as the Ten Sights of Paldea. These locales are spread across the region, and few know how to find them – they can’t be discovered easily!

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To discover the fast travel points and enter the new cities containing Pokemon Centers on your map, you must hunt for all Ten Sights of Paldea. In this guide, I’ll describe where to locate each one in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Sights of Paldea Locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Following are the locations of the Ten Sights of Paldea:

Paldea’s Highest Peak Location

The Paldea’s Highest Peak lies at the summit of Glaseado Mountain, with a Pokemon Gym nearby. As you venture northwards to explore this crater-filled mountain range, prepare for a thrilling expedition!

Casseroya Falls Location

Nestled between the Glaseado West and Paldea North is Casseroya Falls, an incredible waterfall accessible only by a suspended pipe bridge! This breathtaking destination should be at the top of your list if you seek adventure.

Collonade Hollow Location

Make your way to the western part of Paldea and just north of Asado Desert, which is referred to as Area Two in West Region Province.

Fury Falls Location

To discover Fury Falls, you must travel to the eastern corner of Paldea – a bit south of the Pokemon Center in Area Two. If you need a further clue, Firescourge Shrine is situated northwest of the area where you received blue stakes as your reward for defeating Chi-Yu.

Glaseado’s Grasp Location

Make your way to the Glaseado Pokemon Center, where you will discover Glaseado’s Grasp.

Gracia Stones Location

If you want to get your hands on the Gracia Stones, head toward the upper left corner of the map overlooking the North Paldea Sea. Then, travel into the northwest from Asseroya Lake fast travel spot. Once you reach there, you can easily find the Gracia Stones.

Grand Olive Orchard Location

To locate the Grand Olive Orchard, you must travel toward the northeast side of Cortondo Pokemon Center.

Leaking Tower of Paldea Location

On the southwestern edge of the map, you will come across Alfornada, and not too far away lies the Leaking Tower of Paldea. Ride Pokemon is necessary to access its upper platform, as there are many valuable items up there!

The Million Volt Skyline Location

The city of Levincia is renowned for one main reason – its Electric-type gym Leader, Lono. In addition, the stunning Million Volt Skyline sits atop the nearby cliff and serves as an awe-inspiring view to all visitors.

The Secluded Beach Location

To locate the final Sights of Paldea, you will have to make your way to the Pokemon Center in Area Five of the South Province – which is situated near its southeastern corner.

That’s all you need to know about the Ten Sights of Paldea locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! If you’ve been searching for a challenge, I recommend exploring these secret spots. Good luck with your adventures!

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