Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX Rare Qualities Guide

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX Rare Qualities

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX comes with various rare qualities that the player can use to his/her advantage. Rare qualities in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX are what you may know as passive abilities if you played games like Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem or other RPG titles. If you are familiar with the IQ system, consider Rare Qualities a replacement of the IQ system.

No matter if you are experienced with the Mystery Dungeon or have played other Pokemon Games, you might be having a hard time understanding how Pokemon Mystery Dungeon rare qualities work? In our rare qualities guide, we will explain how the system works and what rare qualities are best for your Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX.

How to Get Rare Qualities

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon there are two ways to get rare qualities. The first method is to catch as many Pokemon as possible and hope they have a good passive ability. Each Pokemon you recruit in Mystery Dungeon has a chance to have a Rare Quality. Needless to say, the first method, isn’t the most reliable but it sure is viable. Let’s discuss a more reliable method of getting the best rare qualities.

The second way to get passive qualities is via Rainbow Dungeon and DX Gummis. You can get your hands on these in dungeons and shops, also check Wonder Mail Codes. Once you have one or the other you must head over to the Rescue Camp and choose the Pokemon you want to attach a rare quality with.  The next step is to feed the Pokemon a Rainbow or DX Gummi. Each Gummi you feed has a chance to grant your selected Pokemon a Rare Quality.

Best Rare Qualities

In this section, we will discuss all of the rare qualities from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Team Rescue DX and also highlight the best rare qualities. The best rare qualities are highlighted.

Rare Quality  Effects
Bargain  Get a discount on items bought from dungeon shops. 
Blast Control  Take less explosive damage. 
XP Boost  Get more XP. 
Wary Walk  Easily get out of traps. 
Tight Formation  When more Pokemon are closeby the damage taken is reduced. 
Thrown Item Boost  Enemies can’t catch items, spikes and stones are powered up. 
Strike Back  When Pokemon takes damage from an enemy it reduces attack damage and attack speed of the enemy. 
Steamroll  Even useless or bad match type Abilities will steamroll enemies. 
Squeeze Out  Zero PP moves may sometimes be restored 
Small Stomach  Eat anything for a full stomach. 
Shared Happiness  Heal a teammates bad condition to spread the healing effect to other Pokemon. 
Sales Pitch  Sell items for a higher price in the shops. 
Riled Up  When you take damage your attack damage and attack speed goes up. 
Recoil Boost  Moves with recoil damage get a boost 
Rapid Bull’s-Eyes  Multiple attacks won’t miss 
PP Pouch  Move PP is restored a bit when an enemy is defeated 
Brawl  The amount of enemies in the room decides your attack damage. More enemies in the room means more damage. 
Defensive Rhythm  Take damage to get a boost in defense and Sp. Def. The effect lasts one turn. 
Evasive Rhythm   Take damage to boost evasiveness for one turn. 
Food Finder  Get more Tiny Apples in Dungeons. 
Forge a Path  You can break walls when walking but the belly gets emptier you break walls. 
Friendly  Enemy Pokemon are more likely to become friendly. 
Funnel Fun  HP restores faster when Pokemon are in a corridor. 
Leap Ahead  Pokemon behind you in corridors jump ahead to make one tile move and heads back to its original position. 
Leave Half  After you use a Big Apple, an Apple, Max Ether, or Tiny Reviver Seed remain inside your Toolbox. 
Link Boost  Link boost power increased. Lin more moves for greater power. 
Lonely Courage  Pokemon gets stronger when no teammates are nearby. 
Mind Over Matter  Restore strength by stepping on a Wonder Tile. Also heal bad conditions. 
Moving Up  Get more move experience when using moves in a dungeon. 
Narrow Focus  Corridor moves won’t miss. 
Notorious Fasting  Even when belly is empty Pokemon won’t tale damage. HP won’t restore naturally when belly is empty. Pokemon will take damage when in a wall. 
Notorious Restoration  Get more healing from HP items. 

 This marks the end of our Pokemon Mystery Dungeon rare qualities guide.

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