Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Tips To Reach Gold Rank

Mystery Dungeon DX Tips

Getting to gold rank can be pretty challenging in Mystery Dungeon DX but this tips guide will help you get there. Here’s how to get a good start in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX. Follow these tips that are essentially basics that even Mystery Dungeon Series veteran should follow.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Tips

The following are some useful Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Tips that should help you get to gold rank:

Set Auto Mode To Exploration

Basically an autopilot feature. Hold down the left shoulder button and auto mode will be activated. This will use the optimal routes through dungeons to find items, rescue Pokémon and the exit stairs.  The auto mode comes in two settings, one for Exploring and the other for finding the stairs which are useful when you just want to speed through the dungeon. Preferably you’ll want to set it to explore if you want to find items and gain XP.

Use Y To Point You In The Right Direction

If there are any enemies in a straight line or diagonal from your position, pressing Y will make you spin towards their direction. Hold Y down and you can spin around on the spot too, so you don’t move when all you want to do is turn.

Use The Persian Bank Every Day To Get A Free Item

Every time you use the Persian bank in the town square, despite even depositing one single coin. Persian will give you a free item of the day.

Register Gravelock As Your Quick Access Item For Ranged Damage

In time by exploring dungeons, you will accumulate a lot of Gravelock. Using this item will damage any enemy for a fixed damage number. If you register it to L+R, you can use them quickly without having to open up your toolbox.

Mystery Dungeon DX Tips

Try To Complete As Many Jobs In A Dungeon

The higher your rank is the more jobs you will get at a time. You should prioritize the early, single jobs in dungeons like Tiny Woods or Thunderwave Cave. Doing them simultaneously can save you a lot of time.

Stay fed

Make sure you bring a good few apples with you on each journey, because if you’re solely using one Pokémon in your current party, your hunger will deplete fairly quickly.

Keep An Eye On The Map

Mini-map is essential, as it shows locations of items, enemies and rescue objectives. The only thing that isn’t shown is the layout of different rooms as well as the exit stairs.

Use The Dojo If You Are Under-Leveled

The makuhita Dojo in town square should be your most visited place. You can quickly level up specific Pokémon as long as you have Dojo Tickets, which can be earned from jobs. You can’t faint here nor lose any items.

Carry A Wigglytuff Orb At All Times

There’s no way of knowing which Pokémon and which camps are needed until you come across them, so make sure you’re carrying a Wigglytuff Orb with you on every dungeon run. This shall allow you to access Wigglytuff’ s camp store, so you can buy any camps you need.

These are all the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Tips that we have for your today. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can increase bag space. You can also check out our guide on shiny Pokemon.

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