As you progress through Pokemon Masters, you continue to increase the power of both your Pokemon and Pokemon Trainer. As you continue to level, you gain access to powerful abilities and some Passive Abilities that are always active. In this Pokemon Masters Passive Abilities Guide, we’ve detailed all the Passive Skills that you can use in the game and the Sync Pairs that take advantage of these abilities.

Pokemon Masters Passive Abilities

Passive Ability Effects Sync Pairs
Aggravation 1 You gain the ability to flinch, confuse, and trap enemies. Crasher Wake & Floatzel, Grant & Amaura, Thorton & Bronzong
Amped Up 1 You gain increased speed after a Critical Hit. Olivia & Lycanroc (Midnight)
Antifreeze You can’t be frozen. N/A
Antitoxin You can’t be poisoned. Clay & Palpitoad
Clearheaded You can’t be confused. Hapu & Mudsdale, Wulfric & Avalugg
Critical Focus 1 You gain increased CH rate after landing a successful Critical Hit. Siebold & Clawitzer
Critical Strike 2 Your moves get powered up after landing Critical Hits. Bruno & Machamp, Bugsy & Beedrill
Dauntless Your Special Attack doesn’t get decreased. Liza & Lunatone
Defense Crush 2 Landing hits can decrease your opponents’ defense. Ramos & Weepinbell
Endurance When entering a battle with a full HP, you can survive with 1 HP after getting hit by a powerful ability. You & Pikachu, Kris & Totodile, Sophocles & Togedemaru
First Aid 4 Your Pokemon replenishes a small amount of HP during a battle. Hau & Alolan Raichu
Flameproof You can’t be burned. Karen & Houndoom
Gritty 5 If your Pokemon gets affected by a status effect, your moves get powered up. Marshal & Conkeldurr
Haste Your Speed doesn’t get decreased. Brendan & Treecko, Marley & Arcanine, Skyla & Swanna
Headstrong Your ATK doesn’t get decreased. Noland & Pinsir, Roark & Cranidos, Tate & Solrock
Healing Hail 1 Taking an action during a Hailstorm causes HP to decrease. Brycen & Cryogonal
Healing Hand 2 Performing a move reduces all status effects from allied Sync Pairs. Cheryl & Blissey, Misty & Starmie
Hit and Run 2 You’ve a chance of gaining additional speed. Roxie & Whirlipede
Hostile Environment 1 You gain increased chances of inflicting status effects on the opponents. Blaine & Ponyta, Janine & Ariados, Lorelei & Lapras
Impervious Your stats can’t be decreased. Flannery & Torkoal, Mina & Granbull, Will & Xatu
Last Word Your about-to-faint Pokemon uses Explosion. Lt. Surge & Voltorb
Lithe You can’t be paralyzed. Brendan & Treecko
Mad Strength 2 Landing successful hits has a chance of increasing ATK. Whitney & Miltank
On the Ropes 3 Your Pokemon takes less damage from Physical ATKs when in a battle. Maylene & Meditite
Pass it On After switching, you gain the ability to transfer stats from one Sync Pair to the other. Phoebe & Dusclops
Power Chain 3 Your moves are powered up when the Unity buff is active. Liza & Lunatone, Tate & Solrock
Power Flux 5 Your gain powered up moves depending on the Move Gauge. Barry & Piplup
Power Reserves 2 You gain powered up moves. Brawly & Makuhita, Iris & Haxorus, Norman & Slaking, Flint & Infernape, Shauntal & Chandelure
Piercing Gaze You always land successful hits. Erika & Vileplume, Kahili & Toucannon
Racing Rain 2 When it’s raining, you gain increased recharge rate of your Move Gauge. Clair & Kingdra, Crasher Wake & Floatzel, Winona & Pelipper
Sand Fortress Sandstorm prevents stats from being reduced. Brock (S. Suit) & Tyranitar
Sand Shelter You gain decreased sandstorm damage. Grant & Amaura
Snow Shelter You gain decreased hailstorm damage. Brycen & Cryogonal, Candice & Abomasnow, Grant & Amaura
Speeding Sun 2 When it’s sunny, you gain increased recharge rate of your Move Gauge. Gardenia & Roserade
Stance Change Switching Pokemon or using the King’s Shield causes Stance to transform into Blade Form and Shield Form. Wikstrom & Aegislash
Surging Sand 5 Your moves get further enhanced during a sandstorm. Roxanne & Nosepass
Superduper Effective 2 Your Super-effective moves are enhanced even more. Pryce & Seel
Stalwart Your Special Defense doesn’t decrease. Liza & Lunatone, Rosa & Snivy
Stoic 2 It boosts the defense of your Pokemon. Brock & Onix
Terrify 1 It decreases the attack of opposing Sync Pairs. Drake & Salaman
Unbending Your defense doesn’t decrease. Marlon & Carracosta, Tate & Solrock
Unflappable You flinch less when attacked. Korrina & Lucario
Unhindered It decreases the effects of your opponent’s damage-reducing abilities during ATK. Shauntal & Chandelure
Vigilance You gain additional defense against Critical Hits. Phoebe & Dusclops, Wikstrom & Aegislash
Water Shift You can convert Normal-type moves into Water-type moves. Kris & Totodile
Wide Awake This prevents you from falling asleep. Agatha & Gengar, Karen & Houndoom

These are all the Passive Skills and the Sync Pairs that utilize them in Pokemon Masters. If you’ve anything else that you’d like to add, feel free to let us know!