There’s a lot changed in Pokemon Masters and Evolution is one of those changes. This Pokemon Masters Evolution Guide will help you know all about evolving a Pokemon and the new moves you unlock after Evolution.

Pokemon Masters Evolution

There are both Normal Evolutions and Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Masters. To start the Normal Evolution, you need to wait for your Pokemon to reach a specific level and start the Evolution Mission. This level requirement is usually Level 30.

To play the mission, you’ll also need an Evolution Shard. Once done, you simply complete the mission to evolve your Pokemon. Some Pokemon also support multiple Evolutions so check if yours does. If it does, reach the required level requirement again and start over. The second level requirement is usually Level 45.

You can get five Evolution Shards for a thousand coins. A Pokemon’s final evolution also unlock a special Sync Move which are really powerful abilities to use in the game.

Mega Evolution

Some Pokemon in Pokemon Masters can also Mega Evolve. You can Mega Evolve a Pokemon as a part of their Sync Move. Once done, you’ll notice an increase in your Pokemon’s stats and moves.

You should always remember to Mega Evolve a Pokemon in difficult battles, as it can really make a difference. A Mega Evolved Pokemon can come in really helpful, especially in long-drawn battles.

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