If you pre-ordered Pokemon Legends: Arceus then you can get some pre-order bonuses. You also get free gifts if you have the save files of older games such as Lets GO Eevee & Pikachu or Pokemon Sword & Shield. In this Pokemon Legends: Arceus guide, we are going to go over how you can redeem the pre-order bonuses and gifts.

How To Get Pre-Order Bonuses And Gifts In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

If you pre-ordered the game then you can get the Baneful Fox Mask and Hisuian Growlithe Kimono Set. You can get these pre-order bonuses by using the Mystery Gift feature in the game before May 9, 2022.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pre-Order Bonuses

You can get the Digital Purchase Code Gift which includes 30x Heavy Balls if you bought the game from the Nintendo eShop. The one-time only code for the bonus is valid until 9th May. Furthermore, if you have the save files for Lets GO Eevee & Pikachu then you can get the Lets GO Eevee & Pikachu Mask from the clother once you have joined the Galaxy Expedition Team.

Similarly, you can get the Shaymin Kimono Set if you have the save files for Pokemon Sword & Shield. To get the reward, you need to go to the clother once you join the Galaxy Expedition Team. If you have the save game files then you will also be able to catch Shaymin Land Forme via a special Research Request once you have completed the main story of the game.

This is how you can get the pre-order bonuses and gifts in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Pokemon Legends: Arceus guides hub.

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