Pokemon Legends Arceus has multiple regions and areas where you can find Wisps. One of the locations where these collectibles are available is the Obsidian Fieldlands. In this guide, we will discuss the complete list of wisp locations in Obsidian Fieldland.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Obsidian Fieldlands Wisp Locations

The following is the complete list of Obsidian Fieldlands Wisps.

Location #1: Go to the top of the hill at Floaro Gardens.

Location #2: Another Wisp is at the top of the hill in Horseshoe Plains.

Location #3: On a cliff at Lake Verity.

Location #4: There is another one on the path that leads to the top of the hill.

Location #5: On the Worn Bridge on your way to the top of the hill.

Location #6: Close to Lake Verity go up the hill next to Alpha Snorlax.

Location #7: Look in the Forest as you move up the hill.

Location #8: Up the Road Hill.

Location #9: Go to Nature’s Pantry and look on a hear close to the base.

Location #10: There is a small island near the Obsidian Waterfall where you can find a wisp.

Location #11: Check Ramanas Island.

Location #12: Hill top near Nature’s Pantry.

Location #13: Check the tunnel while moving to the top of the hill.

Location #14: Check the rocky hill for another Wisp.

Location #15: A Wisp is on the hill in the middle of the island.

Location #16: Up the forest hill.

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