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Pokemon Go Fest 2020 is around the corner and in anticipation of the event, Niantic has a special puzzle for trainers to solve. There are 12 clues in total that are going to be revealed from 16th July to 22nd July. In this Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Puzzle Guide we are going to give you answers to all the clues so that you can redeem the special reward at the end.

To complete the code you need to solve the clue. The first alphabet or character of the answer is the character that you need to add to the clue code. After you have all the answers, you can use the code to redeem an in-game price.

All Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Puzzle Clue Answers

Update: There was a mistake in the order of the clues. You can check out all the clues in the right order in the tweet below:


The following are all the clues for the Pokemon Go Fest 2020 puzzle and their answers:

Clue #1: The League of Go Battle League was introduced on March 27, 2020.

Answer: Ultra (U)


Clue #2: This Pokémon was the first to be able to learn the move Hydro Cannon by evolving on Community Day.

Answer: Blastoise (B)

Clue #3: This water and electric type Pokémon was featured in the Safari Zone Liverpool art.

Answer: Chinchou (C)


Clue #4: This Mythical Pokémon made the wishes of many Trainers come true at Pokémon Go Fest 2019.

Answer: Jirachi (J)

Clue #5: You place one of these in Pokémon Go to attract pokémon to a PokéStop.

Answer: Lure (L)

Clue #6: This Unown form is similar to the 24th letter of the English alphabet.

Answer: 9

Clue #7: You can bring this many Pokémon in your party to a Raid in Pokémon Go.

Answer: X

Clue #8: This team recently invaded Pokémon Go via balloon!

Answer: 6

Clue #9: This Pokémon was featured in Limited Research in February of 2019.

Answer: Rocket (R)

Clue #10: Pokémon Go is this many years old!

Answer: Clamperl (C)

Clue #11: If you complete research tasks for this many days in a row you unlock a Research Breakthrough!

Answer: 4

Clue 12: If you complete research tasks for this many days in a row you unlock a Research Breakthrough!

Answer: 7

Clue 12: This Pokemon was featured for Community Day in April of 2020.

Answer: Abra (A)

Updated Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Puzzle Answer Code: UBCJL9X6RC47A

This is the final code that you can enter but by the time you read this you might not be able to get anything. There is a bonus code that you can use before July 27 which can get you some items for free. Use the code: 5PTHMZ3AZM5QC.

You can head over to the rewards page on Niantic Labs and sign into your account to redeem the in-game reward.

Unable To Claim The Prize?

If you are reading this guide right now then you are too late to redeem the original code. Niantic did announce that only a select few people will be able to get the reward. While the puzzle was interesting and fun only a few lucky people were able to get the reward. You can use the bonus code that we have mentioned above to get some items for free.

That is all for our Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Puzzle guide. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our Pokemon Go guides hub.