Pokemon Go Buddy System Guide will help you with how the buddy system works, how to increase affection, earn additional hearts and more.


Pokemon Go Buddy System

It’s been over three years since the launch of Pokemon Go. The AR game was an instant success upon launch and has been going strong thanks to devs rolling out new content.

With the latest update, Pokemon Go now features a buddy system that allows players to journey the world along with their favorite Pokemon.

These buddy Pokemon will not only walk with players but will also eat berries and work with them to catch new Pokemon. Here is how the Pokemon Go Buddy System Works.

The first step to acquire a buddy is to feed berries to an already captured Pokemon. Feeding this buddy Pokemon will raise the Pokemon’s Good Buddy level and will also allow them to journey with you. You can feed and play with Buddy Pokemon through the new profile page.

There are four Buddy ranks which are, Good Buddy, Great Buddy, Ultra Buddy, and Best Buddy. Here is what each Buddy rank allows your Pokemon to do.

Good Buddy
Buddy Pokemon can join you on your journey through the map view and you can see how it feels through buddy profile.

Great Buddy
At this rank, your Buddy Pokemon will help you with Pokemon encounters to capture new Pokemon. Your buddy will also bring you useful items throughout the journey.

Ultra Buddy
At this buddy rank, the Pokemon will point out interesting places nearby and will bring you Souvenirs. You can keep track of the Souvenirs on the buddy profile page.

Best Buddy
This is the ultimate Buddy Rank in Pokemon Go. At this rank, the Buddy Pokemon will have a Best Buddy Ribbon to show off how close you are to your Pokemon. Furthermore, Pokemon at Best Buddy rank will get a CP boost in combat as long as it’s the assigned Buddy Pokemon.

With Buddy ranks out of the way, let’s discuss the Affection. Affection is measured in hearts that need to be earned by feeding, playing, exploring, and battling. Even if you take a snapshot with the buddy Pokemon it’ll increase Affection.

Affection also affects Buddy Pokemon’s mood and if you can manage to get it to feel excited, it’ll give you various bonuses. When the Pokemon is feeling excited it’ll find Candy more often, earn double hearts for each action and even a chance to win an additional heart occasionally.

That is all for our Pokemon Go Buddy System guide with tips on the buddy Pokemon levels and how the overall system works.