Pokemon Cafe Mix got a surprise release on Wednesday on Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices. The new Pokemon game brings a new currency called Golden Acorns and in this guide, we will go through everything you need to know about farming Golden Acorns and how to get free Acorns in Pokemon Cafe Mix.


Pokemon Cafe Mix Golden Acorns Farming – How to Get More Golden Acorns

Golden Acorns are used in Cafe Mix to gain helpful effects. It must be noted that this new currency can not be used to get your hands on new Pokemon. Golden Acorns are used to get gameplay effects such as more stamina, helpful items, and to continue puzzles. One way to get more Golden Acorns is to purchase them from the Pokemon Cafe Mix in-app store. Sadly,  Nintendo doesn’t offer any bundle discounts to 1 Golden Acorn costs 10JPY.

Golden Acorns Cost

There are four bundles on offer in the Pokemon Cafe Mix in-app store.

Golden Acorns Price
1200 Roughly $1.12USD
6100 Roughly $5.70USD
12,200 Roughly $11.39USD
24,000 Roughly $22.79USD

How to Get Golden Acorns For Free

If you don’t want to spend any money on the new in-game currency, you can get the Golden Acorns for free in Pokemon Cafe Mix. You can get free Golden Acorns simply by playing the game. You can solve puzzles in Pokemon Cafe Mix to get more Golden Acorns. However, you need to solve the puzzles in fewer turns in order to get more Golden Acorns than usual. The fewer turns you take the more free Acorns you get in Pokemon Cafe Mix.  Moreover, you can also complete Daily Stamp Board Challenges to get your hands on even more Golden Acorns. You can earn 1000-1500 Golden Acorns for completing three Daily Stamp Board Challenges in Cafe Mix.