Recently, the Pokémon Company announced that its latest game Pokémon Café Mix will be receiving an update on Sept. 23. With the update going live, it’s added a new multiplayer feature in the game and will also host different team events from now on. Any player can now form his own team of up to 30 members and compete in these events. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the new multiplayer system along with recruiting players and being a Captain in Pokémon Café Mix.

Pokémon Café Mix Captain

After the update went live, a new team button was added to the main menu screen which you can tap to either join a team or form one of your own. If you choose to form a team, you will become the Captain of the team by default and it will cost you 300 Golden Acorns.

But don’t worry, that amount will be instantly recovered if one player joins your team. That’s right! You get 300 Golden Acorns per player that joins your team as a reward. The maximum amount of acorns you can get using this method is 10,000. This team event will be available from Sept. 24th to Oct. 8th, with more to follow off course.

Team Menu Options

There are different options available to choose from on the Team Menu which are explained briefly below:

Selecting a Team
If you tap on “Select Team” from the team menu, it’ll open another screen where you’ll have the liberty to:

  • Join a random team in “Recommended” tab
  • Join a specific team by searching it through “Team ID” or “Team Name”
  • Create your own team with a unique name and conditions


If you choose to form your own team, there are some conditions you can set according to your preferences. These conditions are as follows:

Team Name
You can create a team with a unique name of up to 10 characters.

Playstyle Phrase
You can also select three short phrases that will symbolize your team type of playstyle.

Member Requirement
You can set different team requirements for players to join your team. For example, if you need good players you can set a minimum amount of orders completed (levels beat) say 175.

You can also set the visibility of your team to either “Public” or “Private.”

You can switch on “Require Approvals” if you need to filter out players who join your team. The players who want to join your team will “request to join” and you’ll have to approve or disapprove.

This is how you can be a Captain in Pokémon Café Mix. For more help on the game, check out our detailed Pokémon Café Mix wiki guides.!

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