Pokemon Cafe Mix gives most of its Pokemon Cafe Skills and Specialty moves. Cafe Skills are special and unique moves available to each Pokemon in Cafe Mix. These skills can be used to solve puzzles and more. In this guide, we will go through all Cafe Skills from Pokemon Cafe Mix.


Pokemon Cafe Mix Cafe Skills and Speciality Moves

There are 15 Pokemon in the game with more to come soon. Each Pokemon has its own Cafe Skill and Specialty expect Eevee, the starter Pokemon. Here’s a list of all Cafe Skills from the new Pokemon Cafe Mix for Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

Keep in mind that to use a Cafe Skill you first need to charge it and for that, you must fill the Cafe Skill Gauge. To fil the gauge clear the Pokemon Icons. If you erase the leader Pokemon’s icon the Cafe Skill Gauge will fill up faster. The gauge will also fill up faster when the leader Pokemon’s specialty matches the menu.

You can power up the Cafe Skill icon if you have more than 1 Cafe Skill icon. Tap one and move over to the other to power them up. The last bit you need to remember is that you can only use Cafe Skills of the select leader in Pokemon Cafe Mix. Never forget to pick a leader Pokemon to complete challenges and puzzles.