Burmy is one of those Pokemon that players must find to become a completionist. This Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl guide will help players with where to find Burmy.

How To Get Burmy

To find Burmy in the game, you need Honey. To get honey, players must travel to the Floaroma Meadow. Talk to the man standing at the Valley Windworks. He’ll sell Honey for 100 credits for a jar.

Once you have honey, approach a tree with yellow leaves and press A. The game will ask if you want to slather the bark with Honey. Accept and wait an in-game day. Return to the tree after a full in-game day and you’ll have your Burmy.

That is all for our Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl guide on how to get Burmy. For more on the game, also see How to Get Dawn Stone and Where To Find Unown.

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