PlayStation 5 And Xbox Scarlett’s Ray Tracing Implemtion Is Completely Different Than Nvidia RTX GPUs

PlayStation 5 And Xbox Scarlett's Ray Tracing

With Nvidia introducing real-time Ray Tracing with its RTX GPUs, more and more devs are including this feature to the PC version of their games. This eventually led to Sony and Microsoft confirming real-time ray tracing support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. However, next-gen consoles have a very different implementation of it.

This is according to a Gizmodo insider, who recently reported a leak regarding next-gen consoles. Reportedly, both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett feature different techniques to implement real-time ray tracing. It seems like the source did reveal what techniques will be used but Gizmodo refrained from sharing them.

Both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will use AMD Navi based GPUs. Considering that, it’s understandable that next-gen consoles will use different techniques to implement ray tracing compared to Nvidia RTX GPUs.

However, that isn’t the only thing the report has revealed. Reportedly, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will see the biggest leap in performance than any console generation. This makes sense since Microsoft has announced that they are targeting a 120 Hz refresh rate, native 4K, and real-time ray tracing support for Xbox Scarlett.

Xbox One came to the market with a mandatory Kinect unit. However, with its abysmal performance, Microsoft decided to drop it and it was quickly forgotten. But according to the report, both Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 feature cameras and apparently Scarlett’s camera is superior. Reportedly, the dev kit features a camera capable of 4K and with 2ms lag.

It goes without saying that this is just a leak, not a confirmation. So, take it with a grain of salt.

Speaking of next-gen consoles, it seems that PS5 will also feature an AI assistant. According to the filed patent, the PlayStation 5 AI assistant will use voice commands to provide gameplay guidance. The AI assistant will pull gameplay videos in response to the player’s command.

A method for gaming assistance. Information related to a plurality of game plays of players for a gaming application is received over a network at a back-end server. A query is received from a first player playing the gaming application, wherein the query is related to first gameplay of the first player. A current game context of the first gameplay of a first player is determined from the information. A response to the query and the current game context is generated based on the information related to the plurality of gameplays. The response is delivered back to a device of the first player.

With so many leaks and official conformations regarding next-gen consoles, it seems that both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will feature huge leaps in gaming performance.