Planet Zoo Franchise Mode Guide – Buying Animals, Hiring Employees, Facilities

Planet Zoo Franchise Mode Guide

Franchise Mode in Planet Zoo allows you to make your own zoo. As you are making the zoo, you are free to choose whatever you want inside the zoo. You can have a lot of coworkers and habitats for the animals. You can also build facilities around and make the best zoo out there.

Franchise Mode can be played offline so don’t worry about that. This guide will include all the details on Franchise Mode in Planet Zoo and tips on setting up exhibits and other things.

Planet Zoo Franchise Mode

The first step in the Franchise Mode is to start making the zoo the best way possible. At first, you will have a specific amount which you have to spend on literally everything in the zoo.

The game will encourage you to do this and do that to such an extent that you will go broke. We don’t want that so here are some tips to make the zoo good and cheap.

Set Up the Best Zoo

Firstly, let’s talk about the animals. We know that you want the best animals for your zoo so that the visitors become happy and enjoy themselves. It isn’t a bad idea but the best animals cost a lot.

You will have to start off with the cheaper animals but do bear in mind that you need to take animals that are cheap and can attract attention of the visitors.

Don’t worry! Your dream of buying the better animals will be fulfilled once you have a steady income later on. Buying a lot of animals of the same kind isn’t needed.

You don’t need to buy a lot just 3-4 of every type will do the work just fine. Next, comes the habitat for the animals to stay in. Obviously, our main goal is to make guests happy and make them stay as long as possible.

Habitats need to be made near the entrance of the zoo as guests wouldn’t be happy going farther to see the exhibits. You should focus on making exhibits one next to another so guests can check out all the exhibits and not be bored at all.

Hiring Employees and Facilities

Next up is hiring the staff for your perfect zoo. You will need Vets and Zookeepers for your zoo. You need to hire a lot of Zookeepers as managing the animals and feeding them is utmost important.

Hiring Vets early on can also be advantageous for your animals as they can deal with any diseases the animals face early and can also increase research on animals. Researching animals is necessary so that you can have an idea for their perfect habitat and what makes the animals be happy staying somewhere.

Once the staff has been hired you need facilities for them to stay in. Building facilities will also help the staff manage the work and take a break when needed.

You also need to build the cabins for Zookeepers near the respective animals they need to take care of. This is because if they are far away from the animals they might not feed the animals and slack off. You also need to please your guests so you need to build shops, food stalls, and restrooms.

As I mentioned before about your dream of buying the best animals. As time progresses, you will gain enough money that you can spend on exotic animals and can sell your previous animals for more money.

Animals that grow old will decrease in value as the time goes by and selling them might not give you a decent amount of money at all. In this case, you can always free them to gain Conservation Credits which are useful as well.

Get rid of the animals, you don’t need and buy more and more animals that are of better breed and type so that your zoo becomes perfect.

This is all we’ve got in our Franchise Mode Guide for Planet Zoo. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our Animals List Guide, Money Farming Guide, and Zoo Staff Guide.