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Planet Crafter Iridium Farming Locations – How to Get More Iridium


The Planet Crafter is a thrilling open-world survival game that tasks players with terraforming an otherwise uninhabitable planet, creating a new home for human life. While the game is relatively easy in its early stages, obtaining some resources, such as Iridium, can be challenging. In this guide, we will explore the best Iridium farming locations, and ways to farm Iridium in The Planet Crafter.

Iridium is a rare and valuable crafting material in The Planet Crafter. It is used in crafting higher-tier heating machines, Ore Extractors, DNA Manipulators, Teleporters, Auto-Crafters, and Explosive Powder. Iridium rods are also used for building higher-tier heating machines, which are crucial for terraforming.

Planet Crafter Iridium Locations

Iridium is a rare resource that is not easy to farm in The Planet Crafter. However, there are a few locations where Iridium can be found in Planet Crafter.

Iridium Location #1 – Falling Sand Caves

Falling Sand Caves are one of the best locations to find Iridium in The Planet Crafter. These caves are located at 930:39:910 coordinates and have sand falling from the cliffs above. You can use an Ore Extractor to mine Iridium from this location. The cave system also has Aluminum, an Ice Cave that leads to Sulfur, Osmium, and Super Alloy.

Iridium Location #2 – Spike Canyon Ice Cave

Another location where Iridium can be found is the Spike Canyon Ice Cave. This cave is located at 256:7:-199 coordinates and has some Iridium on the outside of the ice wall. Unfortunately, you cannot mine Iridium from this location using an Ore Extractor.

Iridium Location #3 – Grand Rift Cave

Grand Rift Cave is another location where you can find Iridium in The Planet Crafter. This cave is located at 2026:3:-33 coordinates and has a fair amount of Iridium in it. You can use an Ore Extractor to mine Iridium from this location.

Iridium Location #4 – Iridium Mine

This massive cave is full of iridium. It’s located underneath a sand-fall at one end of a tall cliff, close to the standard starting location. The exact coordinates for this Iridium farming location are 943:35:920.

Iridium Location #5 – Meteor Crater

This is an alternate starting location. The meteor at the center of the crater is full of iridium. However, after the Lakes stage of terraformation, the crater fills with water and the meteor disappears, so be sure to visit before then.

Iridium Location #6 – Chests and Wrecks

Across the map, you’ll find numerous shipwrecks and blue chests. These contain various items, including Iridium and Iridium rods. The items you find are determined by the current level of the Terraformation Index.

Iridium Location #7 – Meteor Showers

Once you’ve unlocked the Launch Platform, you have the ability to launch the Magnetic Field Protection Rocket. This triggers a meteor shower, and these meteors are rich in Iridium.

Iridium Locations in Planet Crafter.

How to Farm Iridium Fast in The Planet Crafter

Since Iridium is a valuable and rare resource, farming it can be challenging. However, there are a few ways to farm Iridium in The Planet Crafter.

Use Ore Extractors

One of the most efficient ways to farm Iridium in The Planet Crafter is by using Ore Extractors. Ore Extractors are devices that can be built using three Osmium, one Super Alloy Rod, and two Iridium Rods. Once you have built an Ore Extractor, you can place it in specific locations on the map, and it will automatically extract Iridium for you.

Falling Sand Caves and Grand Rift Cave are the best locations to place Ore Extractors for farming Iridium. You can also use Ore Extractors to farm Iridium from other locations where it is found, such as the Spike Canyon Ice Cave.

Find Meteorite Storms

Another way to farm Iridium in The Planet Crafter is by finding Meteorite Storms. Meteorite Storms can occur randomly in the game, and they usually drop valuable resources, including Iridium. When a Meteorite Storm occurs, you should look for the meteorites and mine them to get Iridium.

Tip: You can trigger Meteorite Storm by using Asteroids Attraction Rockets. You can craft these rockets after unlocking Launch Platform at 345KTi. This is the best way to farm Iridium and Uranium.


Exploring the planet is also an effective way to farm Iridium in The Planet Crafter. While exploring the planet, you can come across different locations where Iridium is found. You can mine Iridium from these locations using an Ore Extractor or by manually mining it.


If you are playing The Planet Crafter in multiplayer mode, you can trade with other players to get Iridium. Some players may have excess Iridium that they are willing to trade for other valuable resources.

Uses of Iridium

Iridium is a component of Explosive Powder, a mid-to-late game crafting resource. It’s also used to make Iridium Rods, which are important for building higher-tier Heating machines for Terraforming. Additionally, Iridium is needed for Ore Extractors, which automate the collection of ore.

That’s everything you need to know about Iridium locations and the best way to farm this resource in Planet Crafter. If you want to add anything to this guide with credit, take to the comments below and let us know what you got!

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