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Terraforming is the process of transforming an uninhabitable planet into a livable one. In The Planet Crafter, Terraforming is the ultimate goal, and it involves increasing three key stats – Oxygen, Heat, and Pressure. These stats contribute to the overall Terraformation score, which determines the progress of Terraforming on the planet.

Terraforming is not an easy task, and it takes around 10-15 hours of gameplay to see any significant changes in the planet’s atmosphere. However, with persistence and the right techniques, you can transform the planet into a lush and livable world.

The Planet Crafter Terraform Basic Steps

Terraforming in Planet Crafter involves several crucial steps. Initially, you need to boost the Oxygen, Heat, and Pressure stats by constructing machines and supplying power, water, and food. You can then track the progress of Terraforming by building a Screen Terraformation.

Once you have enhanced the key stats, you can progress through Terraforming stages, transitioning from Barren to Blue Sky, Clouds, Rain, Liquid Water, Lakes, Moss, Flora, Trees, Insects, Breathable Atmosphere, Fish, Amphibians, and finally, Mammals.

How to Increase Oxygen for Terraforming

In Planet Crafter, the Oxygen stat can be increased by constructing Vegetubes and placing special seeds inside them. These seeds can be found in Storage Crates and points of interest on the planet.

Later in the game, you can generate Oxygen without seeds. However, the high-end Oxygen items require them, so ensure to keep them.

To boost Oxygen efficiently, construct the Tree Spreader T3, which adds a whopping 12,500 Oxygen per second to your planet. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, build as many Algae Generators or Biodomes as you can.

Utilizing a Golden Seed in the Tree Spreader T3 offers the best Oxygen boost. If you don’t have any of those yet, you can always use Plant Orema or Plant Volnus for a more significant boost compared to standard seeds.

How to Increase Heat for Terraforming

The Heat stat in Planet Crafter can be increased by building Heaters, which require Iridium to construct. To boost Heat efficiently, construct the Heater T5, which can be built using Iridium, Sulfur, and Super Alloy.

If you haven’t unlocked it yet, build as many of the highest-tier Heaters you have available.

How to Increase Pressure for Terraforming

The Pressure stat in The Planet Crafter can be increased by building Drills. While the early-game Drills are cheap, the higher-end Drills will require rarer resources like Aluminum, Osmium, and Super Alloy.

To increase Pressure efficiently, build the Drill T4, which can be built with 6 Super Alloy and 3 Osmium. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, build as many of the highest-tier Drill as you can.

How to Speed Up Terraforming in Planet Crafter

The Terraformation index consists of four sub-scores: oxygen, heat, pressure, and biomass. Each sub-score can be increased using specific machines that require power to operate.

Initial Steps

  1. Acquire power and essential resources like drills and Vega tubes.
  2. Locate the nearest iridium cave, usually marked by an orange waterfall. Collect as much iridium as possible to progress further.

Machine Building Strategy

  1. Continuously build the most recently unlocked machine until a new one is unlocked.
  2. Focus on constructing as many machines of the latest type as possible to expedite your progress.
  3. If a power outage occurs, deconstruct the most recently built machine to restore the network and resume building.


  1. Engage in exploration to gather resources and advance in the game.
  2. Golden chests are crucial; find and open them to obtain valuable blueprints and items.
  3. Utilize the provided video guide for an easy way to locate all the golden chests.


  1. Rockets offer a significant permanent boost of 1000% to the entire planet’s terraformation score.
  2. Launch rockets evenly, but consider focusing on specific resources or unlocks if desired.
  3. In between rocket launches, continue building the most recently unlocked machines to maintain progress.

Setting Up

  1. Once you have gathered enough resources, start preparing for your end game base.
  2. Choose a suitable location, such as the starting valley, under the arch, or near the active waterfall.
  3. Ensure the chosen location provides access to necessary resources like aluminum and iridium.
  4. Plan your base design and begin constructing the big living compartment and other required structures.

Best Way to Terraform in Planet Crafter

For a successful and efficient terraforming process, it’s crucial for players to maintain a balanced generation of Heat, Oxygen, and Pressure. The Information Screen serves as a useful tool, providing real-time updates on the progression of these elements, including their current value and rate of generation. It’s advisable for players to keep the Heat, Oxygen, and Pressure values of a planet approximately equal. This strategy ensures a steady and rapid increase in the planet’s Terraformation Score.

If the production of Heat, Oxygen, and Pressure is not balanced, the planet’s progression could become unpredictable and potentially harmful. Players may find themselves unable to fully utilize each component, leading to periods of stagnation in progression. Additionally, certain advantageous machines are only accessible when specific levels of Heat, Oxygen, or Pressure are achieved. Overemphasis on one component at the expense of others could impede players’ progress.

Terraforming Stages in Planet Crafter

BarrenThis is how you start off in Planet Crafter. Planet will consists mostly of rocks, ore, and remnants of unsuccessful terraforming attempts by previous visitors.
Blue SkyWitness the transformation of the harsh red sky into a delightful blue.
CloudsObserve the formation of clouds in the sky, adding depth and realism to the planet’s atmosphere.
RainExperience the occurrence of rain on the planet. Note that rain may impact graphics performance; adjust graphics settings if necessary.
Liquid WaterDiscover the emergence of small pools of water across the planet’s surface.
LakesWitness the rapid rise of water levels in specific areas, including the starting location.
MossNotice the subtle appearance of a green tint of moss in certain areas. The Biomass mechanic is now unlocked, requiring development alongside other terraforming aspects.
FloraObserve the growth of grass and smaller plants, enhancing the planet’s ecosystem.
TreesGain the ability to cultivate trees, boosting oxygen production to higher levels.
InsectsEncounter the initial signs of macro-sized life as insects start to appear. Collect larvae to further spread insects throughout the planet.
Breathable AtmosphereEnjoy the presence of enough breathable air in the atmosphere, allowing you to roam the planet without worrying about oxygen levels.
FishCatch fish eggs and phytoplankton with the Water Life Collector and place them in aquariums to increase the insect and animal populations.
AmphibiansWitness the appearance of frogs in ponds as the planet’s ecosystem continues to evolve.
MammalsThis stage is not yet functional as of Early Access v0.8.008 and awaits its debut.

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