Plague Inc Fake New can be a bit confusing if you are new to the game or are not sure regarding what you are doing. In this Plague Inc Fake New strategy guide, we are going to go over some strategies for winning the game. The following are strategies and tips that may be followed regarding the newly released Fake News scenario.

Strategy 1

Manifesto: Looking through the eyes of a person who advocates and practices socialism you might want to follow this path:

  • Type Of News: Financial
  • Started By: Communists
  • Motive: Political Gain
  • Target: Elite

Plague Inc Strategy

You may also want to turn the game speed down to its slowest, otherwise, you will get overwhelmed with red infect bubbles early on.

  1. Sweden is where you will being and you must use 1 DNA/Funds point to get the Word of Mouth. After this spend your next point on the Internet.
  2. Because the scenario is fast-paced and aggressive, we recommend getting the following traits:
    • Social Media Presence
    • Hire Fake Experts
    • TV Targeting
    • Memes
    • Influencers
  3. To keep the population deceived you need Building Community and the following traits:
    • Fundraising
    • Community travel
    • Peer to Peer Messages
    • Community Development
  4. Before the fact-checking also known as the ‘Cure’ starts, get the following traits as well:
    • Newspaper
    • Tweet Mean things
    • Onboard Politician
    • Onboard Political Party
    • Buy a TV Network
    • Talk Show
    • Impersonate Fact-Checkers
  5. If you are playing on a lower difficulty it would be good to keep in mind that your focus must remain on the Informed population, whereas if you are playing on the Mega-Brutal difficulty, the ‘Cure’ will more likely overtake you if you aren’t paying enough attention. So we recommend using the Black/Dark Red abilities which are powerful trump cards once the fact-checking reaches 2-25%. And then as soon as your DNA/Funds points are high enough you must grab these abilities:
    • Fund Opposition
    • Unpopular Opposition
    • Expand Victim List
    • Expand Blame List
    • Misinformation Merge
    • Discredit Experts
  6. Around this time the battle should be fast-paced between the fact-checkers and your deceived population. You will probably have more than enough funds to do as you please, though we recommend getting these perks:
    • Harass Critics
    • Exploit Institutions
    • Discredit Information Sources
  7. Misinformation Reshuffle will be the final trump card that you can play at the end. This will deck a huge amount of Informed people as well as Fact-checking. If you’ve followed these steps and played it out right then you must be looking at an easy win, however, if you also have extra funds at this point of the game you can spend it all at things you want.

That is all for our Plague Inc Fake New strategy guide.

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