In Pikmin 4, the White Onion holds a place of importance. This guide will help you locate and unlock the White Onion in Pikmin 4, enabling you to create your own White Pikmin. These unique Pikmin become crucial in the latter stages of the game, thanks to their ability to resist poisonous creatures and environments, aiding you in your quest for valuable treasure.


Please note, this guide contains spoilers for Pikmin 4, so proceed with caution if you wish to keep the game’s surprises intact.

Where to Find White Onion Location in Pikmin 4

To locate and unlock the White Onion in Pikmin 4, you’ll need to accomplish several milestones in the main campaign:

  1. Reach the first ending by finding Olimar in Hero’s Hideaway.
  2. Complete all of Olimar’s Shipwreck Tale missions, which can be accessed by speaking to him in the hub area.
  3. Enter the newly available cave in the hub area, known as the ‘Trial of the Sage Leaf’.

The White Onion will be unlocked after you complete the first five Dandori challenges in the ‘Trial of the Sage Leaf’ cave. The fifth challenge, titled “The White Key”, is where you’ll discover the Onion.


In this challenge, you’ll need to unearth several hidden treasures to unlock a gate where the White Onion is located. To successfully transport the White Onion back to your ship within the time limit, you’ll need to collect all treasures with at least a minute to spare. Many of these treasures are concealed above the walkways in spiderwebs, so make sure to deploy your Winged Pikmin to transport them back swiftly.

It’s also advisable to avoid engaging with enemies whenever possible. For the large boss creature guarding the gate to the White Onion, we recommend using Oatchi to launch an attack, providing a distraction for your Pikmin as they transport the Onion.

With this guide, you’re now equipped to locate and unlock the White Onion in Pikmin 4. The journey may be challenging, but the reward of having your own White Pikmin to help you navigate the game’s later stages makes it all worthwhile.

That’s the end of our guide on where to find White Onion in Pikmin 4. If you’re also looking for the Ice Onion, we have guide for that as well.



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