Pikmin 4 offers players the opportunity to enjoy the game in two-player mode, allowing for a shared gaming experience. This guide will walk you through the process of enabling two-player mode in Pikmin 4, including the steps to initiate local couch co-op with “Play Together”, how to connect a second Joycon, and understanding the controls for both Player 1 and Player 2.


How to Enable Two-Player (Coop) Mode

To activate two-player coop mode in Pikmin 4, you’ll need to access the pause menu using the (-) button. From there, select the “Play Together” option located in the upper right section of the menu. Please note that you’ll need two controllers to enjoy the game with another player.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the setup process:

  1. Open the pause menu using the (-) button.
  2. Select the “Play Together” option.
  3. Connect the Player 2 (2P) controller.

In two-player mode, Player 1 (1P) controls the character, while Player 2 (2P) provides support by throwing pebbles to attack enemies or speed up the transportation of pebbles.


Player 1 (1P) Controls

MoveⓁ Stick
Look AroundⓇ Stick
Throw/CommandA Button
CallB Button
Jump/ChargeX Button
RushX Button (Hold)
Ride/DismountY Button
ActionsY Button (Hold)
Tablet+ Button
Pause Menu– Button
Select Pikmin/OatchiL Button or R Button
Lock-OnZR Button
Look AheadZL Button
ShortcutsD-Pad ▲, ▶, ▼, ◀

Player 2 (2P) Controls

Move PointerⓁ Stick
Throw PebbleA Button
Cancel Item UseB Button
Reset PointerX Button
Throw ItemY Button
Item SelectL Button or R Button

In the two-player mode of Pikmin 4, Player 2 plays a supportive role to Player 1 by using the A button to throw pebbles at different targets and combat enemies. If Player 2’s pebble hits an item that’s being transported, the transportation speed increases.

As you work together in two-player mode, defeating enemies, breaking down walls, and transporting items earn you co-op points. Once the co-op gauge located above the 2P pointer fills up, you can obtain items.

Exiting Two-Player Mode

Please be aware that any items you’ve gathered by earning co-op points will vanish once you conclude the two-player session. These items won’t be available the next time you engage in two-player mode.

Split-Screen Co-op in Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4 coop doesn’t offer a two-player split-screen feature as only one character can be controlled at a time. However, two players can still enjoy the game together, with 1P controlling the character and 2P offering support in coop.


That’s the end of our Pikmin 4 coop guide. However, we have more Pikmin 4 content for you so don’t forget to check out Ice Onion Location and All Side Quests and Rewards.