Welcome to our guide on Flarlic locations in Pikmin 4. One of the key elements that make it so engaging is finding Flarlics, unique items that are crucial for growing your Pikmin army. This guide will assist you in your quest, providing you with the knowledge you need to locate every single Flarlic and maximize Pikmin capacity.


What Is A Flarlic?

Flarlics are rare collectible items in Pikmin 4 that allow you to increase your maximum Pikmin limit. Each Flarlic you find increases your Pikmin limit by 10, enabling you to command a larger Pikmin army. They are typically found after they have fallen on the ground.

What Are Pikmin?

Pikmin are adorable, plant-like creatures that you’ll encounter in the game. They come in various types, each with unique abilities that can help you overcome different obstacles. For instance, some Pikmin can withstand fire, while others can swim or break through solid walls.

What Are Pikmin Used For?

Pikmin are primarily used to help you explore the game world and solve puzzles. They can carry objects, battle enemies, and even build structures. The more Pikmin you have, the more tasks you can accomplish simultaneously, making your exploration more efficient.


All Pikmin 4 Flarlic Locations

AreaLocationHow to Get
Rescue Command PostSurfaceObtained by digging it up from the ground.
Garden of BeginningsSurfaceRequires Yellow Pikmin due to the Flarlic’s height.
Hero’s HideawaySurfaceThrow a Pikmin at the Flarlic.
Hero’s HideawayPlunder PalaceBeat the enemy to collect Flarlic.
Serene ShoresUnderwaterUse Blue Pikmin.
Serene ShoresSeafloor ResortThrow Ice Pikmin.
Blossoming ArcadiaSurfaceThrow 5 Blue Pikmin.
Blossoming ArcadiaSecludedThrow 5 Yellow Pikmin.
Giant’s HearthSurfaceThrow your Pikmin.
Giant’s HearthDream HomeRide the platform and throw the Pikmin.
Sun-Speckled TerraceSurfaceThrow a yellow Pikmin into the plant.
Sun-Speckled TerraceLast-Forest CavernCheck behind some breakable pots in the ground.

That’s the end of our guide Pikmin 4 Flarlic locations. If I missed any Flarlic, let me know in the comments below.


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