Vehicles are a means of transportation in Phoenix Point. You can transport squads to certain locations. You can also deploy combat vehicles at different locations. In this guide, we will include all the details on transportation vehicles in general and how to use them.


Phoenix Point Vehicles

Let’s get one thing straight you don’t start with a vehicle. You will have to complete the tutorial and then open the manufacturing section. Check the vehicles tab and in it, you can create a travel vehicle as well as a combat vehicle known as “PX Scrarab”.

Vehicle manufacture usually takes a lot of time and after manufacture has been completed you can use it. Bear in mind that the Manticore has 6 slots out of which 4 are consumed by PX Scarab. Clear the Manticore and add the vehicle to your unit you can add your team to it later.

You can also deploy it to any convenient location and start from there. Both transport vehicles and combat vehicles have different capacities, range, durability and speed. The following are the vehicles along with their stats:

  • The transport vehicle “Manticore” takes 6 capacity. It has 2000 Range, 450 Speed and 100 Durability.
  • The combat vehicle “PX Scarab” takes 4 capacity. It has 700 HP, 24 speed and 31 armor.
  • The combat vehicle “Armadillo” takes 4 capacity has 1000 HP and 28 speed.

That is all for our Phoenix Point Vehicles guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then stay tuned for more guides.