How To Unlock Phasmophobia Head-Mounted Camera

Phasmophobia Head-Mounted Camera Guide

Phasmophobia is all about identifying the correct ghost which means having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. In our Phasmophobia Guide, we will help players with how to unlock and use the head-mounted camera in the game.

How To Unlock Head-Mounted Camera

Identifying the right ghost is the key to earn cash. Each ghost exhibits different behavior and the right tools can make it easy to identify the ghost.

To unlock the head-mounted camera in Phasmophobia, players need to level up to level 8.

Once players reach level eight, they can buy the head-mounted camera from the item list at the base of operations.

If you don’t know where is the item list, players can access it from the whiteboard. Hit the “Add” button and scroll until you see the head-mounted camera. This item will cost players $60.

To use the head-mounted camera, it’ll be hanging next to the keypad inside the truck that opens the door. Interact with the head-mounted camera and players will be able to use it.

This item allows players to detect Ghost Orbs using the night-vision mode which can greatly help to identify the ghost players are tracking.

Not only that, those players that choose to stay in the truck can spectate you by switching to your camera view. This can be very helpful for players if they miss something.

That is all for our Phasmophobia Guide with tips on how to unlock the head-mounted camera and how to use it. For more on the game, also see our Ghosts Guide and Difficulty Settings Guide.

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