Phasmophobia Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks To Win

Phasmophobia Beginner Tips

Halloween is nearly here and Phasmophobia has been in early access for over 3 weeks now. Kinect Games chose the best time they could’ve, to get it in hands of players all around the world. If you’re also looking forward to playing the game to get in the spooky spirit of Halloween, you might want to know some tricks and tips which will help you with your supernatural endeavors. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some beginner tips and tricks for Phasmophobia.

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Phasmophobia

Following are some tips and tricks for beginners that can help to improve gameplay and overall in-game experience:

Locating the Ghost

Before setting up the heavy equipment you’ll need to know where the ghost is haunting at the location. You can have your teammates split up and do a quick search around the house using EMF readers and Thermometers.

Also, look for minor activities such as lights switching, a phone ringing, footsteps noise, doors opening, and closing, etc. Once you know where the ghost actually is, you can then set up your equipment at the right place to record evidence.

Take advantage of equipment placement

You can use basic equipment to your advantage pretty easily. For example, you can turn on and place EMF readers all-around an area in which you suspect the ghost is haunting. In this way, every time the ghost passes by the EMF while roaming around, it’ll give you an early warning sign.

You can also place Salt at choke points such as doorways and stairways that enter or exit the ghost’s location. If the ghost walks through even just the slight edge of a salt pile, it’ll start leaving footprints and you can then track it using a UV Flashlight.
Staying in Communication

Communication is the key to play this game efficiently and effectively. Make sure that you’re in communication with your team all the time so that you’ll know what is happening around the house and where it’s happening.

This way you’ll save a great deal of time and gather evidence efficiently, as you’ve got a limited amount of time before the ghost starts getting angry and starts to drain your sanity on hunting mode. It is also advised to leave a teammate in the truck to keep track of players’ sanity levels and cameras.

Find a hiding spot

When the ghost is in hunting mode, it wanders around the house in search of its victims. To avoid being the one who’s at the receiving end of its wrath, you can find a spot to hide such as a closet or a locker. Once in the hiding spot, make no movements or sound, don’t even speak because the ghost listens to everything you say.

The sneakier you are the safer you are. Once its hunting phase is over you can speak or make movements. You can check if the hunting phase is over or not by toggling your radio, if the ghost is still in hunting mode your radio will give a constant static noise and if the hunting phase is over it will disappear.

Main and optional objectives

Completing the main and optional objectives earn you a lot of cash during a job contract. However, you can also gather some side evidence to get some extra cash, such as taking photos of the main pieces of evidence (Footprints, Fingerprints, Ouija board, etc) and of the ghost itself usually pays well. Make sure you gather every piece of evidence possible to make extra cash for your future hunts.
Know when it’s over

If a job is proving to be much more difficult than you initially thought or if you’re out of time and the ghost is constantly on a hunt for you, you can always get out before it’s too late.

Try to avoid getting killed by a ghost at all costs because if you get killed while on a job, all the equipment which you personally bought will be lost and you’ll have to buy it again for the next contract. So, it is recommended to just leave a location if the ghost is too much for you and earn some cash from the evidence you’ve collected already. Live to fight another day.

These are all the Phasmophobia beginner tips that we have for you today. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can play co-op with your friends. For more Phasmophobia content you can check out our Phasmophobia guides hub.

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