Phasmophobia Difficulty Settings Guide – Differences, How to Unlock

Phasmophobia Difficulty Settings Guide

With the dawn of the spooky month of October, Phasmophobia has caught the eye of supernatural thriller fans all around the world. It’s been on Early Access for over 3 weeks and is all about hunting ghosts. With its increasing popularity, many new questions are arising and one of these questions is regarding the difficulty levels in the game. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about different difficulty settings in Phasmophobia, their differences, and the recommended one.

Phasmophobia Difficulty Settings

Currently, Phasmophobia offers 3 difficulty levels i.e. Amateur, Intermediate, and Professional. Below, you’ll find a complete overview of the differences:


Every player starts his journey of being a paranormal investigator at the ‘Amateur’ difficulty level. The missions at this difficulty level feature less aggressive ghosts and more time to set up equipment. While playing at ‘Amateur’ difficulty level:

  • Players earn a normal amount of money i.e. 1x
  • The XP earned after busting a ghost is also normal i.e. 1x
  • The preparation time given to set up equipment before the ghost starts to attack is 5 minutes


As you progress in the game by completing missions and accumulating XP, the general difficulty level of the game may increase to keep things interesting. As you reach level 10, the ‘Intermediate’ difficulty level will unlock which has much more challenging gameplay and ghosts. Intermediate difficulty setting has the following differences:

  • Your earnings will double up as compared to amateur difficulty level i.e. 2x
  • The XP earned by completing objective and missions will increase by 50% i.e. 1.5x
  • Time given to set up equipment will be decreased to 2 minutes
  • Player sanity will be consumed 50% faster
  • The overall frequency of paranormal activity and ghost attacks (Hunting Mode duration) will increase


As soon as you reach Level 15 on your profile, you’ll unlock the ‘Professional’ difficulty level of Phasmophobia and it’s quite a challenge. The ghosts on this level are the most aggressive ones, but more risk comes with more rewards. While playing on the ‘Professional’ difficulty level, you’ll experience:

  • You earn thrice the cash as compared to ‘Amateur’ level i.e. 3x
  • Your XP earnings will also increase from 1.5x to 2x
  • The player sanity consumption rate is doubled as compared to the ‘Amateur’ level
  • There will be no preparation time allotted to set up equipment and you’ll have to set up equipment as the ghost is roaming around on a hunt for you
  • The frequency of paranormal activity and ghost attacks will increase even more with increased hunt mode duration

Also, with increased difficulty levels, the insurance for your equipment decreases. As the ghosts are more powerful, they’ll kill you easily if you’re not careful. If you die, all the equipment which you bought will be lost and you’ll have to buy it again.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot choose the difficulty levels manually as of yet. The game becomes more difficult in general but once you’ve unlocked a certain difficulty level, it will be allotted to you randomly according to your character’s level.

For example, at Level 25, the odds of game difficulty are 30% Amateur, 40% Intermediate, and 30% Professional. If you realize that the game is too easy for you in a certain lobby, you can always leave and recreate a lobby to refresh maps and find harder difficulty.

These are all the differences in different difficulty settings in Phasmophobia. To learn more about the game, you can check out our detailed Phasmophobia wiki guides.

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