Phasmophobia: How to Play Co-Op With Your Friends

Phasmophobia: How to Play Co-Op With Your Friends

Phasmophobia is an online co-op psychological horror that you can play with your friends. To increase your chances of survival and do effective ghost hunting, you’ll need them more than ever. In this guide, we’ll explain how to play co-op with your friends in Phasmophobia.

How to Play Co-op with Friends in Phasmophobia

A maximum of 4 players can join a lobby to play missions together in co-op and it’s only playable after you’ve completed the in-game training. Although it is skippable, we recommend completing the tutorial if you’re a beginner as it will outline everything you need to know in order to play the game.

Joining a Public Lobby

After you’ve completed the training, the play button on the whiteboard will become interact-able. Once you hit that button, you’ll get two options to choose from: ‘Public Lobby’ or a ‘Private Lobby’. If you’re playing alone, choose a ‘Public Lobby’ and random players will join you on your spooky adventures.

Joining a Private Lobby

On the other hand, if you’re playing with your friends, create a ‘Private Lobby’. Doing so will display a shortcode at the top right corner of the whiteboard. Share that code with your friends with whom you want to play and tell them to join your lobby by entering that code.

They can find the option to join a ‘Private Lobby’ at the bottom-left corner of the whiteboard after they hit the “Play” option. After that, the game will ask them to enter the lobby code and within moments you can be on the hunt for some supernatural beings after selecting your equipment and location.

This is how you can easily join or create a co-op play session with your friends in Phasmophobia. For more helpful tips and tricks, you can check out our detailed Phasmophobia wiki guides.

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