The cult classic Pharaoh is remade as A New Era, and apart from graphical upgrades and UI adjustments, the biggest change is its military. How they handled the military is getting mixed reactions from the community; some say they stripped it down, while others prefer a less complex and messy version of the combat system. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about Pharaoh’s new military and combat design: A New Era.

Pharaoh: A New Era Military and Combat System

The military system is still a part of the game but watered down. The RTS elements no longer exist; threats and invasions now happen on a timer. This impacts the battle system’s complexity; it is way different than what we had before. For example, now and then, you will be prompted with a warning that an invasion is coming after a certain time, let’s say a year. You’ll have that time to prepare for battle, fortify your city, train soldiers, and build your defenses.

Simulated Battle

The entire sequence is simulated when the invasion finally happens based on your stats, resources, and military. You have no control over your soldiers, chariots, archers, etc. To win a war in Pharaoh: A New Era, you must prepare beforehand instead of relying on your RTS talents. Developers have stripped the RTS out of the remake in terms of unit controls.

New Military Forts

Training Forts

To train soldiers, you now build forts, and unlike the original game, units won’t need road access, which saves a lot of resources. Depending on how many resources you can spare, the game allows you to build as many forts for training soldiers and chariots. But you won’t be directly controlling their training in any way. Chariots are much more powerful compared to the original Pharaoh. 15 or more chariots can easily kill 50 enemy units and 10+ archers.

New Military Fixes

The original military in Pharaoh had problems with random enemy spawns and chariots wiggling against each other. Having a less engaging military system feels lacking, but it does solve most of the problems we have in the original game. Moreover, if you lose a battle in Pharaoh: A New Era, they take the money, and if you spend too much money, it is a loss condition.

That’s everything we know about the military changes made in Pharaoh: A New Era. Do read our beginner’s tips before you go.

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