Pharaoh: A New Era is a city-building game in ancient Egypt. In this game, you play as a pharaoh, responsible for building and managing a prosperous city, which means you need to oversee the development of buildings, roads, food sources, and much more to make sure your people progress. In this guide, we will go through all the essential tips you need to know to create the perfect city in Pharaoh: A New Era.

Pharaoh: A New Era Tips and Tricks

  • Start with a Small City
  • Build Housing for Your People
  • Provide Basic Services
  • Build Temples and Shrines
  • Develop Your Economy
  • Be Mindful of Your Resources
  • Manage Your Workforce
  • Plan Your City

Start with a Small City

This is for the newcomers to this genre; if you’re unfamiliar with the plethora of gameplay mechanics, it is best to start with a small city before expanding. Too much expansion too fast isn’t the best way to go. Before expanding your city, take time to familiarize yourself with the game’s economy, development, trade mechanics, and ways to keep your people happy. This will allow you to learn the basics of the game without being overwhelmed. You can always expand your city later on.

Build Housing for Your People

Housing is a basic necessity for your people. To build a city, no matter how big or small, you need housing as the foundation. Build houses immediately before anything else, and houses should also be the first thing you upgrade when you get the resources to expand. Make sure you have various housing options, from small shacks to large mansions. This will ensure that all your citizens can find a place to live.

Provide Basic Services

Basics include housing, but most importantly, include water, food, and healthcare. Make sure you have wells and farms to provide your people with water and food. You will also need to build clinics to provide healthcare to your citizens.

Build Temples and Shrines

Having the gods on your side is more important than any other game in the same genre. Religion played a significant role in ancient Egypt, and it’s no different in Pharaoh: A New Era. You must build temples and shrines to keep your citizens happy and content. Temples and shrines will also provide bonuses to your city, especially during war.

Develop Your Economy

The economy is the most complex yet important mechanic in Pharoah: A New Era. Building a strong economy is crucial to the success and happiness of your people. A thriving economy is crucial to the success of your city. You must build markets and trade routes to sell your goods and generate income. Also, focus on industries such as mining, agriculture, and textiles to create a self-sufficient economy.

Be Mindful of Your Resources

Resource management should be a big focus right from the get-go. Make sure you don’t waste wood, stone, and gold, as they are essential to the growth of your city. Invest resources in housing, shrines, and building market areas before investing in anything else.

Manage Your Workforce

Citizens are your primary workforce, so managing them correctly is key. Don’t overwhelm them with work and only invest your manpower towards essential projects first, including housing, farm, shrines, and entertainment areas for your city to make sure your people are happy. Some workers are better at the building while others are great at farming to manage them accordingly. Make sure you have enough workers to keep your city running smoothly. You can also assign tasks to specific workers to optimize your workforce.

Plan Your City

Creating infrastructure randomly isn’t going to work, so the best thing to do first is to plan your roads. Make sure you have a clear vision of how you want your city to look and function. You can use grids and zoning to plan your city and ensure everything fits together.

That’s everything you need to know to get your city to the top of the world in Pharaoh: A New Era.

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