The battle between G2A and indie developers has taken a new turn. Descenders developer Mike Rose started a petition to stop selling indie games on G2A. The petition that started a couple of days ago has gained plenty of attention. Close to 3000 people have signed the petition and many of them are reportedly indie developers. The goal is 5000 signatures so the petition is gaining traction faster than expected.


According to the petition, indie devs make up for the majority of the gaming industry. The way G2A handles the reselling of video game keys hurts revenue. G2A allows reselling of indie and AAA video game keys but the source of these keys is allegedly illegitimate. Mike Rose shared his breakdown of G2A’s statement (which you can see below), but the problem is his eyes is the perception of value.

If a potential a buyer sees their “game at a low price on G2A, they’ll automatically be less inclined to buy full price,” said Rose. An excerpt from the petition:

G2A says that they do care about the games industry, the industry they profit from every day. We suggest that G2A could surely take an 8% hit to their sales if it means making 99% of developers in the industry happier, and allowing us to retain the perceived value of our games.

By doing this, G2A could show that they genuinely care, and the industry would no doubt grow more quickly as a result, eventually filling that 8% that G2A were missing from our games.

Mike Rose Breakdown G2A’s Statement On Twitter And G2A Responds

G2A responded to Mike Rose saying that even if G2A removes indie games that won’t solve the problem. There are over 10 resellers excluding eBay selling keys. The drama continues and we will update you as soon as more information arrives. In our opinion, the best way to handle the situation right now is to come up with a solution by working with developers.