Persona 4 Golden is now out on PC. If you are new to the game then there are a couple of things that you should know about before you get into it. In this Persona 4 Golden guide, we are going to give you some tips and tricks for getting started.

Persona 4 Golden Tips And Tricks

The following are the tips and tricks for Perona 4 Golden that you should keep in mind.

Do not Ignore Marie

Do not ignore your relationship with Marie. She unlocks a special dungeon. She also unlocks new content near the end of the game.

Don’t Worry About Doing Everything

Persona 4 Golden is a massive game and beating it is going to take a very long time. Unless you follow a very strict guide, you are going to miss out on some stuff. You can however check all of that out when you replay the game. So do not try and cover everything in your first go.

Complete Dungeons ASAP Except For December

Completing dungeons as soon as possible allows you to concentrate on other things, such as leveling up social links. We recommend that you complete them as soon as possible. The only exception is the December dungeon. Completing the December dungeon will warp you to the next month. The ideal date to do this dungeon is December 22. This aligns with your deadline and will allow you to check out the Christmas Eve event.

Repeat Dungeons For Powerful Rewards

You can go through a dungeon the second time in order to take on a miniboss which is optional. Doing so will get your powerful rewards.

Fuse Personas

Fusing Personas is one of the ways in which you can increase the power of your party significantly. Watch out for insta-kill spells like Hama and Mudo. If your persona is weak to either dark or light and is hit with this spell you will die.

Do Aiya Diner’s Mega Beef Bowl Challenge On Rainy Days

Bad weather it pretty common in Persona 4 Golden and when that happens, many if the in-game options will not be available to you. When that happens, we recommend doing Aiya Diner’s Mega Beef Bowl Challenge. If you have the money and have already completed the month’s dungeon then this is worth checking out.

That is all for our Persona 4 Golden tips and tricks guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can level up social links.

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