Persona 4 Golden comes to Steam today and those who haven’t played it before must understand some of the basic gameplay features. One of the main elements of Persona 4 Golden is called “Social Links.” You can consider Social Links as a reputation system that slowly grows based on your actions in the game. The main character of Persona 4 Golden can form Social Links with various other characters. You will be forming bonds with other characters to gain more powers, skills, enter relationships, and gain abilities. You can use the newly gained abilities in battle.


In this detailed guide, we will discuss all Social Links in Persona 4 Golden, and how to start them at various locations in the game.

Persona 4 Golden Social Links and How They Affect The Game

In Persona 4 Golden you can form Social Links with your party members and each time a party member’s Social Link rank increases they will gain new skills and abilities. Gained skills and abilities differ for each party member. Below you will find a complete list of Social Skills, the name of the character, Arcana type, and the locations you can find them. Persona 4 Golden has 24 Arcana that translate into Social Links. Some of them are represented by one or multiple persons while others are story-driven.

Persona  Arcana  How to Start  Established 
Marie  Aeon  Go to the Velvet Room and speak with Marie  4/18 
Chie Satonaka  Chariot  Talk to Chie  4/18 
Hisano Kuroda  Death  On a Sunday or holiday, talk to Hisano at the Flood Plainspeak with Hisano at the Flood Plains  Rank 4 on Devil S Link 
Sayoko Uehara  Devil  Work at the hospital  5/25 
Shu Nakajima  Tower  Work as a tutor  5/25 
Eri Minami  Temperance  Work at the Daycare Center  4/23 
Ayane Matsunaga (If you join the Band Club)  Sun  Join the Band Club  4/25 
Yumi Ozawa (If you join the Band Club)  Sun  Join the Band Club  4/25 
Daisuke Nagase (if you join the Soccer Club  Strength  Join the Band Club  4/19 
Kou Ichijo (if you join the Basketball Club)  Strength  Join the Band Club  4/19 
Teddie  Star  Talk to Teddie  4/19 
Yukiko Amagi  Priestess  Talk to Yukiko  5/17 
Kanji Tatsumi  Emperor  Go to the school and talk to the girl standing next to the stairs and then speak to Kenji  After 6/9 
Margaret  Empress  Talk to Margaret in the Velvet Room while having level 3 Knowledge  After 5/19 
Investigation Team  Fool  Clear Yukiko’s Castle  n/a 
Naoto Shirogane  Fortune  Go to the Shopping District and speak with the man in black. Then go to the School and talk to Naoto while having max level Knowledge and Courage  After 10/21 
Naoki Konishi  Hanged Man  Talk to Naoki three times while having level 3 Understanding  After 6/8 
Fox  Hermit  Talk to the Fox at the Tatsuhime Shrime  5/5 
Dojima  Hierophant  Speak with Dojima  5/6 
Adachi  Jester  Find Adachi at Junes and do Hand out with Adachi  After 5/13 
Seekers of Truth  Judgement  n/a  Starts on 12/3 
Nanako Dojima  Justice  Speak to Nanako  5/3 
Rise Kujikawa  Lovers  Speak to Rise  7/23 
Yosuke Hanamura  Magician  Speak to Y   

 The most basic way to increase your Social Link with other characters is to spend more time with them. However, the process has more to it than meets the eye. There is a hidden counter in the game that keeps track of all your interactions and selecting a specific answer while spending time with a character can add additional points to this hidden meter. If you have a Persona from the same Arcana it’ll double the points which is why it is best to carry a Persona from the same Arcana when working on a relationship. You can read more about how to rank up your Social Links.

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