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Persona 4 Golden Books Locations Guide – Compulsive Reader, Reader King

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There are a total of 32 books that you can find in Persona 4 Golden. Once found, these allow you to increase your stats like knowledge. Despite being fairly easy to find, some of them can easily be missed. In this Persona 4 Golden guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about where to find all 32 books in the game to unlock the “Compulsive Reader” achievement.

Persona 4 Golden Books Locations

In addition to unlocking the “Compulsive Reader” achievement, finding all the books in the game also unlocks the “Reader King” accessory that increases magic by +10. The following is a complete list of all the books in Persona 4 Golden, where to find them, and conditions if any.

BooksWhere/When to FindRequirements
The Ramen WayAnytimeYou must eat with Aiya at least 8 times
The Lovely ManBuy from Yomenaido after 4/20 
Expert Study MethodsBuy from Yomenaido after 4/20 
Beginner FishingBuy from Yomenaido after 4/20 
Off TodayBuy from Yomenaido after 5/6 
Office Work ManualBuy from Yomenaido after 5/6 
The Gentle WayTalk to Avid Reader outside the store after 5/6Bring him a Peach Seed
Witch DetectiveGet it on 5/29 after agreeing to meet Daisuke or KouYou must clear the Steamy Bathhouse dungeon before the said date
English Made EasyBuy from Yomenaido after 6/1 
Easy OrigamiBuy from Yomenaido after 6/1 
The Punk’s WayTalk to Avid Reader outside the store after 6/3You must feed the cat at Samegawa Riverbank
Forever MachoBuy from Yomenaido after 6/11 
100 Ghost StoriesBuy from Yomenaido after 6/11 
Catching BugsBuy from Yomenaido after 6/11 
Short on CashBuy from Yomenaido after 6/28 
Expert FishingBuy from Yomenaido after 6/28 
Guide to PestsTalk to Avid Reader outside the store after 7/3You need to give him Hard Boots
Man of HistoryBuy from Yomenaido after 7/15 
Home GardeningBuy from Yomenaido after 7/15 
Poly-landYou need to answer the call from your Strength social link on 7/15You must agree to hang out on 7/17
Changing CareersBuy from Yomenaido after 8/4 
Hyperspeed ReadingBuy from Yomenaido after 8/4 
The O-Cha WayAccept the invitation to hang out from your Strength social link on 8/10 
Picross Rules!Talk to Avid Reader outside the store after 8/11You must provide him with 3 Fashionable Dishes
The Divine WayYou need to attend the Summer Festival on 8/21 with a girl 
Man-GodBuy from Yomenaido after 8/24 
Food Fight!Buy from Yomenaido after 8/24 
Sense’s FriendsBuy from Yomenaido after 9/20 
Who Am I?Talk to Avid Reader outside the store after 9/26Choose the following responses:

  • Judo medalists’ names
  • How one should live as a punk
  • 2 pages
  • Me
Farewell to ManBuy from Yomenaido after 10/12 
The Final LessonBuy from Yomenaido after 11/1 
World-Class BugsBuy from Yomenaido after 11/1 

This is all we have got in our Persona 4 Golden Books guide. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Persona 4 Golden wiki guides.


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