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How to Raise Social Stats in Persona 3 (Easy Way)


Raising social stats in Persona 3 is essential for unlocking certain social links, which in turn provide more options for romance and character interactions. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the three social stats in Persona 3 – Academics, Charm, and Courage – and discuss effective methods for increasing them.

Understanding Social Stats in Persona 3

Before diving into the details, let’s briefly explain the importance of social stats in Persona 3. As you increase your character’s social stats, you unlock new social links that can only be initiated when you reach specific stat levels. Each stat uniquely affects the protagonist’s interactions with other characters and can be increased in various ways.

Boosting Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable

Increasing your social stats is heavily influenced by the activities you choose to engage in. Social stats can be raised through various methods such as working different jobs, eating certain foods, and visiting a mall. In some cases, you can simultaneously boost both social links and stats. However, certain activities require a time investment, forcing you to choose between improving social stats and social links.

Now, let’s explore some effective methods for raising specific character stats in Persona 3 Portable.

Increasing Academics

Academics represent your performance in school and can be improved by studying in the library, attending classes, and reading books. The most common method is to study at night in the protagonist’s room, earning you two points. Studying in the school library can yield up to 4 points, or even 6 points if you study on Sunday.

Additional ways to increase academic stats include:

  • Visiting the arcade in Paulownia Mall and playing a Quiz game (4 points)
  • Working part-time at De Blue V
  • Eating sushi at Wakatsu restaurant

Keep in mind that these activities may require compromising social links due to time constraints.

Boost your stats by watching movies on weekends at Screen Shot or during the Film Festival in Persona 3. Bringing a friend to the festival can also increase affinity towards progression in social links.

Raising Courage

Courage measures the player’s bravery and is the easiest stat to max out, requiring only 80 points. Engage in challenging activities like working at jobs and confidently talking with people to increase courage.

Visiting the arcade at Paulownia Mall and playing the Horror House game is one of the best ways to boost courage. Other methods include:

  • Singing karaoke
  • Eating Wild Duck Burger from Iwatodai Station’s strip mall
  • Watching movies on Monday and Tuesday
  • Working at Chagall or Screen Shot Theater

Drinking a mystery concoction at the school infirmary when feeling sick is a unique way to boost courage in Persona 3. These activities can also increase other stats.

Enhancing Charm

Charm determines the protagonist’s ability to interact with others and can be increased by talking to people and engaging in conversations. Raising charm is similar to courage, requiring effort but can be quickly maxed out.

Boost charm and other stats by:

  • Working at Chagall Café
  • Drinking Phenomenal Coffee at Chagall Café
  • Working at De Blue V (also raises academics)
  • Watching movies on Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Playing the Print Club game at the arcade
  • Eating ramen at Iwatodai Station’s strip mall
  • Answering questions in class to impress classmates and teachers

Social stats are vital for success and quick progression in Persona 3. By studying, working at jobs, talking to others, and participating in various activities, you can effectively raise your social stats and interact with others more efficiently. Want more of Persona 3? Check out our guide on how to get beautiful tiles in Persona 3.

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