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Persona 3 Reload: “Remake That Aims To Be P3 That Can Be Played Like P5” – Devs


Persona 3 Reload is a remake of the fan-favorite JRPG Persona 3. The game is coming to consoles and PC. Kazuhisa Wada, Ryota Niitsuma, and Takuya Yamaguchi of Atlus’ Persona Team talked about the game and how it is a Persona 3 remake that can be played like Persona 5. Here is what you need to know.

Persona 3 Reload Development And New Game Engine

Wada talked about the development for Persona 3 Reload started at the end of P5R development. He mentioned that once development on P5R was over the team moved on to work on P3R. He also mentioned that P-STUDIO is working on a new game engine. This is the first time that the team is working on two projects of this magnitude at the same time. Wada talked about how making a remake was a challenge since Persona 3 played an integral part in getting the series to where it is today.

Takuya Yamaguchi talked about the elements of Persona 3 Reload that are going to stay true to the original and what will change. The following was mentioned in this regard:

This is a full remake of the original P3 released in 2006 for PS2. Elements such as the world view, story, and characters will not change from the original version, but the game will be remade after thoroughly discussing the design and playability, etc. so that the game can be enjoyed as a current Persona work.

Ryota Niizuma chipped in and added the following:

To put it simply, it’s a remake that aims to be a P3 that can be played like a P5. After all, Persona 5 is the work that has become the standard for how to play as a game for current Persona fans. I also know this from surveys and other sources, but P5 is a work that has expanded the recognition of the Persona series worldwide, so not only domestic fans but also overseas fans are based on P5.

So while the game is going to stay true to the original fans can expect a twist to make the game more attuned to 2023. The devs will be adding a fresh coat of paint, so to speak. We also expect the graphics to be much better and upgraded compared to the original which released years ago.

Making A Remake After 17 Years

Niizuma talked about making a remake after 17 years and what fans can expect.

Yes. The original was a game about 17 years ago, and even if you look at it as a series, the numbering went from P3 to P5, and many derivative works were created while the system and playability were refined. Those who have experienced the series at the same time will still feel the difficulty of playing when returning to the past work from now on. Of course, the P5 is the standard.

The devs also implied that the Fatigue System has been removed from the game since it restricts actions when the character is tired or cold. The following is what Yamaguchi had to say regarding the matter:

First of all, the easy-to-understand part is the physical condition system . It’s part of what makes the original P3 so unique, but it’s an element that hasn’t been seen since then, and it doesn’t go well with the calendar system that has become a symbol of the current Persona series.

Yes. In the current Persona series, I think that the basic way of enjoying the game is to schedule and enjoy. What to do on this day, at this time”, but the physical condition system is stressful for that way of playing. It’s going to end. Due to the randomness, it is difficult for the player to manage by himself, and when he does not want to, he gets tired or cold, and cannot take the actions he originally wanted to take. Even during battle, the player’s randomness affects the enjoyment of the player’s choices, such as having a bad effect on the status, or having friends leave without permission in the middle of exploring the dungeon.

The devs also mentioned that Persona 3 Reload has the most amount of dialogue in the series. They touched on Tartarus, the dungeon that has levels. This will be linked with the world and the story. This is a means of creating fun content so that players do not get bored. Small changes have been made as well as visual changes which should make the dungeon more fun. Wada mentioned the following about Tartarus:

Tartarus was a pretty good one thanks to the expressive power of Unreal Engine. In order to express Tartarus, which was overlooked from above, in a three-dimensional and even wider way, we were able to create a design rich in variety that followed the original beautifully. There are some things that are hard to convey with a still image, but I think it’s an expression that you won’t get tired of, starting with the effects of the light source, such as the way the light shines through.

Let us know what you think about Persona 3 Reload and whether or not you are interested in playing the game.

Source: Translation from 4Gamer

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